Bosnian movie stars died in 2009

Here are 1 famous actors from Bosnia and Herzegovina died in 2009:

Žan Marolt

Žan Marolt (September 25, 1964 Sarajevo-July 11, 2009 Sarajevo) also known as Zan Marolt was a Bosnian actor and tv personality.

He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 1988 and worked in the National Theater in Sarajevo for many years, performing in numerous plays, including some of the most acclaimed productions of the theater. He was also known for his appearances in popular Bosnian TV shows, such as "Top lista nadrealista" and "Hvatovi zlatnih ribica". In addition to his work in theater and television, Marolt was also a well-respected teacher of acting and drama, and he taught at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo until his death in 2009. His legacy in the Bosnian arts community is remembered fondly by his colleagues and students alike.

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