Brazilian movie actors born in the year 1972

Here are 6 famous actors from Brazil were born in 1972:

Guilherme Weber

Guilherme Weber (May 6, 1972 Curitiba-) is a Brazilian actor and author.

He started his career in the theatre, and later went on to appear in numerous Brazilian TV shows and films. Weber is also an accomplished director and screenwriter, having directed several critically acclaimed films, including "Deserto Feliz" and "The Best Things in the World". In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Weber is also a published author, with his first book, "Do Ceu ao Inferno: A Saga do Bombeiro Brasileiro" being released in 2017. He is celebrated for his versatility and talent as an actor, and has received numerous awards and nominations for his work throughout his career.

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Reynaldo Gianecchini

Reynaldo Gianecchini (November 12, 1972 Birigüi-) a.k.a. Reynaldo Cisoto Gianecchini Junior, Rey or Giane is a Brazilian actor and model.

Born in Birigüi, São Paulo State, Gianecchini began his career in modeling in the late 1990s, becoming one of the most sought-after male models in Brazil. He then made his transition to acting, becoming a popular and acclaimed leading man in Brazilian telenovelas. Gianecchini has also worked in theater, starring in several productions in Brazil and Portugal. In 2011, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, but underwent successful treatment and returned to his acting career. In addition to his work in entertainment, Gianecchini is also involved in environmental and social causes, notably serving as an ambassador for the United Nations Development Program in Brazil.

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Gabriel Braga Nunes

Gabriel Braga Nunes (February 7, 1972 São Paulo-) is a Brazilian actor. His child is called Maria Nascimento Nunes.

Gabriel Braga Nunes is best known for his work in Brazilian theater, television and film. He began his acting career in the mid-90s and rose to fame with his performance in the popular Brazilian soap opera "Malhação". He has since appeared in numerous TV shows, including "A Força do Querer" and "Os Dias Eram Assim".

Apart from his television work, Gabriel has also acted in several Brazilian films, such as "Meu País" and "Amor?" and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro for his role in the film "Avenida Brasília Formosa". In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Gabriel is also known for his social activism and supports various causes related to poverty and education.

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Milhem Cortaz

Milhem Cortaz (December 6, 1972 São Paulo-) is a Brazilian actor.

He started his career in the late 1990s, appearing in several Brazilian soap operas and TV series. Cortaz gained wider recognition for his role in the critically acclaimed movie "Elite Squad" (2007), directed by José Padilha. He also appeared in the sequel "Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within" (2010), which became the highest-grossing Brazilian film of all time at the box office. Cortaz has since appeared in several notable Brazilian and international productions, including the TV series "Magnifica 70" (2015-2018) and the HBO series "Westworld" (2018). He has won several awards for his performances, including the Best Actor award at the 2014 Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival for his role in "A Wolf at the Door."

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Selton Mello

Selton Mello (December 30, 1972 Passos, Minas Gerais-) a.k.a. Selton Figueiredo Melo, Selton Melo or Selton Figueiredo Mello is a Brazilian film director, actor, film producer, television director, screenwriter, voice actor, musician and film editor.

He began his career at the age of eight as a child actor on Brazilian television shows. He continued acting in various television series and films throughout his youth, eventually transitioning into directing and producing his own films.

Mello has acted in over 40 films throughout his career and has received numerous awards and recognition for his work, both in Brazil and internationally. In addition to his acting and directing work, Mello is also known for his music, having released several albums and collaborated with other musicians.

Aside from his entertainment career, Mello is also involved in philanthropic endeavors. He has founded an organization that works to improve education opportunities for underprivileged youth in Brazil, and has also supported various environmental and animal rights causes.

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Cláudio Heinrich

Cláudio Heinrich (November 20, 1972 Rio de Janeiro-) a.k.a. Claudio Heinrich is a Brazilian model and actor.

Heinrich began his career in the entertainment industry as a model, but quickly transitioned to acting. He gained fame in Brazil in the late 1990s for his role as Dado in the telenovela "Malhação," which aired on Rede Globo. Heinrich has since appeared in several other telenovelas, as well as movies and theater productions. In addition to his acting career, Heinrich is also known for his work as a fitness model and personal trainer. Outside of Brazil, he is perhaps best known for his participation in the reality TV show "Casa dos Artistas" in 2001.

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