Brazilian movie actors died when they were 78

Here are 7 famous actors from Brazil died at 78:

Joffre Soares

Joffre Soares (September 21, 1917 Palmeira dos Índios-August 19, 1996 São Paulo) also known as Joffrey Soares, José Jofre Soares or Jofre Soares was a Brazilian actor and military officer.

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Grande Otelo

Grande Otelo (October 18, 1915 Uberlândia-November 26, 1993 Paris) also known as Sebastião Bernardes de Souza Prata, Grande Othelo, Great Otelo or The Little Otelo was a Brazilian actor, composer, singer and comedian. His children are Mário Luiz Prata, Jaciara Prata, José Prata and Carlos Sebastião Prata.

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Augusto Aníbal

Augusto Aníbal (April 5, 1887 Fortaleza-April 5, 1965 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Augusto Aníbal de Almeida was a Brazilian actor and singer.

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Wesley Duke Lee

Wesley Duke Lee (December 21, 1931 São Paulo-September 12, 2010 São Paulo) was a Brazilian actor and set decorator.

He died caused by pulmonary aspiration.

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Nelson Dantas

Nelson Dantas (November 17, 1927 Rio de Janeiro-March 18, 2006 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Nelson Hannequim Dantas Filho or Nélson Dantas was a Brazilian actor. He had two children, Daniel Dantas and Andrea Dantas.

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Arduíno Colassanti

Arduíno Colassanti (February 15, 1936 Livorno-February 22, 2014 Niterói) a.k.a. Arduino Colasanti was a Brazilian actor and businessperson.

He died in respiratory failure.

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Luiz Bonfá

Luiz Bonfá (October 17, 1922 Rio de Janeiro-January 12, 2001 Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro) also known as Luiz Bonfa, Luis Bonfa, Luiz Floriano Bonfá or Luis Bonfá was a Brazilian actor, composer, musician and film score composer.

He died as a result of cancer.

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