Brazilian movie actors died before they were 20

Here are 8 famous actors from Brazil died before 20:

Sérgio Hingst

Sérgio Hingst (April 5, 2015 Sorocaba-November 7, 2004 Sorocaba) a.k.a. Rocco Biaggi or Sergio Hingst was a Brazilian actor and pornographic film actor.

Hingst began his acting career in the late 1960s, appearing in several Brazilian films before transitioning to pornography in the 1980s. He achieved fame in the adult film industry for his rugged and masculine appearance, and was known for his work in the genre of "macho porn." Hingst appeared in over 100 pornographic films throughout his career, earning critical acclaim for his performances and establishing himself as a major figure in the industry. Despite the controversy surrounding his work, Hingst was widely regarded as a talented actor and his contributions to both Brazilian cinema and adult entertainment are still celebrated to this day.

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Eduardo Conde

Eduardo Conde (April 5, 2015 Recife-January 16, 2003 Petrópolis) was a Brazilian actor and singer. He had one child, Bernardo Lago Conde.

He died caused by cancer.

Eduardo Conde was born in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil on April 5, 1953. He started his career as an actor in the theater, performing in various plays including "The Merchant of Venice," "The Taming of the Shrew," and "Oedipus Rex." Conde also ventured into the world of music, releasing his first album in 1975 titled "Eduardo Conde."

In 1982, Conde made his film debut in the movie "Quilombo," directed by Carlos Diegues. He went on to act in several other films including "Jubiabá," "Amor Bandido," and "O Guarani." Conde's television career began in 1983 with the soap opera "Pão Pão, Beijo Beijo."

Throughout his career, Conde was known for his versatile acting skills and his ability to portray a wide range of characters. He received critical acclaim for his performances in both theater and film, winning awards such as the Molière Prize for Best Actor.

Sadly, Conde passed away on January 16, 2003, in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after battling cancer. He left behind a legacy as a talented actor and musician, beloved by many for his contributions to Brazilian culture.

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Nildo Parente

Nildo Parente (April 5, 2015 Fortaleza-January 31, 2011 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian actor.

He died caused by stroke.

Nildo Parente was born in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil on April 5, 1945. He began his acting career in the 1970s in the theater before transitioning to television and film. He appeared in many popular Brazilian TV series and telenovelas over the years, including "Cargas Pesadas," "Barriga de Aluguel," and "A Diarista."

In addition to his work in television, Parente also appeared in a number of films throughout his career, including "A Roqueira" and "O Casamento de Romeu e Julieta." He was known for his comedic roles and his ability to bring humor to any character he played.

Parente was a beloved figure in the Brazilian entertainment industry, and his death in 2011 was mourned by fans and colleagues alike. Despite his passing, his work continues to be celebrated, and he remains one of Brazil's most beloved actors.

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Fernando Ramos Da Silva

Fernando Ramos Da Silva (November 29, 1967 São Paulo-August 25, 1987 São Paulo) a.k.a. Fernando Ramos or Pixote was a Brazilian actor.

He died in homicide.

Fernando Ramos Da Silva rose to fame after he played the lead role of Pixote in the 1981 film, Pixote, directed by Hector Babenco. Born in a poor neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil, Fernando's portrayal of Pixote accurately depicted the harsh realities of life for impoverished children in Brazil. The film was well-received both nationally and internationally, earning critical acclaim at Cannes and nominations at the BAFTA Awards.

Despite his promising career, Fernando struggled in his personal life. Following his success in Pixote, he landed only a few minor roles in other films, struggled with drug addiction, and ran into financial troubles. Tragically, he died just before his 20th birthday when he was shot and killed during a robbery.

Fernando's legacy lives on as Pixote continues to be regarded as a significant film in Brazilian cinema, and his performance is praised for its authenticity and raw emotion. Additionally, his story has shed light on the ongoing issue of violence and poverty affecting marginalized communities in Brazil.

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Helber Rangel

Helber Rangel (April 5, 2015 Rio de Janeiro-April 5, 2015 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian actor.

Unfortunately, there isn't much information available about Helber Rangel. While his life may have been short-lived, he made a notable contribution to the world of acting. Rangel's passion for acting began at an early age, and he quickly gained recognition throughout the acting community for his talent and dedication to his craft. He appeared in several productions, including plays, television shows, and films, showcasing his versatility and range as an actor. Despite his untimely death, Rangel's legacy lives on, inspiring aspiring actors and leaving a lasting impact on the Brazilian entertainment industry.

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Mesquitinha (April 5, 2015 Lisbon-April 5, 2015 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Olympio Bastos was a Brazilian actor, film director and screenwriter.

Mesquitinha, whose real name was Olympio Bastos, was born on April 5, 1915, in Lisbon, Portugal. He moved to Brazil at a young age and began his career in the arts as a theater actor before transitioning to film. Throughout his career, he acted in over 40 films and directed more than 20. He is best known for his comedic roles and for his work on the stage.

Mesquitinha was also a talented screenwriter, having written the scripts for several popular Brazilian films. He was a prolific and influential figure in Brazilian cinema, and his contributions to the industry earned him numerous awards and accolades.

In addition to his work in film and theater, Mesquitinha was also a passionate advocate for social justice and worker's rights. He was a member of the Brazilian Communist Party and used his platform to speak out about issues of inequality and oppression.

Mesquitinha passed away on April 5, 1995, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on his 80th birthday. He is remembered as one of the most talented and influential figures in Brazilian cinema and theater.

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Dino Santana

Dino Santana (April 5, 2015 Niterói-December 26, 2010 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Ondino Sant'Anna or Ondino Santana was a Brazilian actor and comedian.

He died as a result of prostate cancer.

Dino Santana started his career in the 1950s in Rio de Janeiro's famous nightclub scene, where he performed as a stand-up comedian. He later transitioned into acting and became a prominent face in Brazilian cinema and television. Some of his most memorable performances were in movies like "O Homem do Sputnik" and "A Grande Viagem" and TV shows like "Os Trapalhões" and "A Praça é Nossa". Santana was known for his impeccable comic timing and his ability to bring humor to even the most serious of situations. He was widely popular across Brazil and his death was mourned by many in the entertainment industry. In addition to his successful career, Santana was also known for his philanthropic work and was heavily involved in supporting charitable causes.

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Adão Dãxalebaradã

Adão Dãxalebaradã (April 5, 2015 Rio de Janeiro-January 20, 2004 Rio de Janeiro) otherwise known as Adão Dãxalebaradã or Adão dos Santos Thiago was a Brazilian singer and actor.

Adão Dãxalebaradã was born on April 5th, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despite being born into poverty, Adão was able to pursue his passion for music and acting from a young age. He first gained recognition as a singer in the 1950s, performing samba and other Brazilian music styles. Adão's unique talent and charismatic personality soon caught the attention of major record labels, and he went on to release several albums throughout his career.

In addition to his successful music career, Adão Dãxalebaradã was also an accomplished actor. He starred in numerous Brazilian films and television shows, often portraying characters whose lives and struggles resonated with the working-class population. His performances were praised for their emotional depth and authenticity, and he quickly became one of Brazil's most beloved actors.

Tragically, Adão Dãxalebaradã passed away on January 20th, 2004 in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro. Despite his untimely death, his music and acting legacy lives on, and he continues to be remembered as one of Brazil's brightest cultural icons.

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