Brazilian movie actors died in the year 1954

Here are 1 famous actors from Brazil died in 1954:

Edgar Brasil

Edgar Brasil (November 27, 2014 Hamburg-January 4, 1954 Cruzeiro) otherwise known as Edgar Hauschildt or Edgar Brazil was a Brazilian cinematographer and actor.

Edgar Brasil was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1904 and later moved to Brazil in his youth. He began his career as a cinematographer in the 1920s and quickly became one of the leading figures in Brazilian cinema. His work on the film Limite (1931) is considered a masterpiece of Brazilian cinema and has been influential in world cinema.

In addition to his work as a cinematographer, Brazil also acted in films, most notably in the film Uma Noite em Tokio (1954). He was also a founding member of the Brazilian Cinematographers Society.

Edgar Brazil passed away in 1954 at the age of 49 in Cruzeiro, Brazil. Despite his short life, he left behind a legacy of great artistry and technical skill in Brazilian cinema. His contributions to the industry continue to be celebrated and studied to this day.

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