Brazilian movie actors died in the year 1971

Here are 3 famous actors from Brazil died in 1971:

Miguel Milano

Miguel Milano (July 27, 1885 São Paulo-September 21, 1971 São Paulo) was a Brazilian actor, screenwriter, film director, film producer and writer.

He began his career in the theater and later moved on to film where he became known for his work in the Brazilian film industry. Milano acted in over 50 films and wrote and directed several as well. He was a pioneer in Brazilian cinema and helped lead the way for others in the industry. Milano also wrote several books on film and his experience in the industry. He was a respected and influential figure in Brazilian culture and is remembered for his contributions to the country's film industry.

Napoleão Muniz Freire

Napoleão Muniz Freire (November 17, 2014 Rio de Janeiro-November 18, 1971 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian actor and film art director.

Napoleão Muniz Freire was born on November 17, 1914, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began his career as a stage actor in the 1930s before transitioning to film in the 1940s. In addition to his acting work, he was also a highly regarded film art director, credited with designing the sets for over 30 films.

Throughout his career, Muniz Freire was known for his versatility as an actor, appearing in a wide range of genres, from drama to comedy. He received critical acclaim for his role in the film "O Cangaceiro" (1953), which won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Muniz Freire also appeared in several popular Brazilian television series in the 1960s.

Muniz Freire passed away on November 18, 1971, in Rio de Janeiro, at the age of 57. He is remembered as one of Brazil's most respected actors and filmmakers, and his contributions to the country's film industry are still celebrated today.

Delorges Caminha

Delorges Caminha (November 17, 2014 Rio de Janeiro-April 19, 1971 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian actor.

He began his career in 1939, appearing in the film "Onde Estás Felicidade?". He later went on to act in numerous Brazilian films throughout the 1940s and 50s, including "Floradas na Serra" and "Carnaval em Marte". Caminha also worked extensively in theater, performing in plays such as "A Importância de Ser Prudente" and "Gata em Teto de Zinco Quente". In addition to his acting career, Caminha was also a talented writer and cartoonist. He published several books, including a memoir about his time working in the cinema industry. Caminha died in 1971 at the age of 56.

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