Brazilian movie actors died in the year 1996

Here are 4 famous actors from Brazil died in 1996:

Alberto Ruschel

Alberto Ruschel (February 21, 1918 Estrela, Rio Grande do Sul-January 18, 1996 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Alberto Manuel Miranda Ruschel, Quitandinha Serenaders or Alberto Miranda was a Brazilian actor, film producer, film director and screenwriter.

Ruschel began his career in the 1940s as a member of the famous musical group Serenader who would go on to become known as the Quitandinha Serenaders. He appeared in a number of popular Brazilian films throughout the 1950s and '60s, such as "Assim Era a Atlântida" and "Cavalheiro Trapalhão". In 1969, he directed and produced the film "O Ritual dos Sádicos", which went on to become a cult classic in Brazil.

Throughout his career, Ruschel was known for his commitment to promoting the Brazilian film industry and was a charismatic figure in the industry. In 1993, he was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit by the Brazilian government for his contributions to Brazilian cinema. Today, Ruschel is remembered as one of the most iconic figures in Brazil's rich cinematic history.

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Joffre Soares

Joffre Soares (September 21, 1917 Palmeira dos Índios-August 19, 1996 São Paulo) also known as Joffrey Soares, José Jofre Soares or Jofre Soares was a Brazilian actor and military officer.

During his military career, Joffre Soares reached the rank of lieutenant colonel before retiring and pursuing his acting career. He began his acting career in the theater in the 1940s, but later transitioned to television and film in the 1950s. Soares appeared in over 70 films throughout his career, including "Black Orpheus" and "The Given Word." He was also a prominent figure in the Brazilian telenovela industry, appearing in popular shows like "Selva de Pedra" and "Irmãos Coragem." Soares was known for his deep, commanding voice and his ability to play tough, authoritative characters. In addition to his acting career, Soares was a successful playwright and screenwriter, with some of his most notable works being "A Revolução dos Sabores" and "A Grande Viagem." He was awarded the Order of Rio Branco for his contributions to Brazilian culture in 1985.

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Walter Forster

Walter Forster (March 23, 1917 Campinas-September 3, 1996 São Paulo) a.k.a. Walter Gerhard Forster was a Brazilian actor, screenwriter and film director. He had two children, Walter Forster Jr. and Suzana Forster.

Forster began his career in theater, where he gained recognition for his talent as an actor and director. In 1953, he made his debut as a film director with the movie "Destino em Apuros". He went on to direct several other films, including "Sinhá Moça" and "O Caçador de Esmeraldas".

As a screenwriter, Forster collaborated on many popular Brazilian films, such as "Tico-Tico no Fubá" and "Luz dos Seus Olhos". He received numerous awards throughout his career, including the prestigious Golden Kikito award at the Gramado Film Festival for his work on "Cidade Ameaçada".

Forster was also a member of the Brazilian Academy of Arts and won the Molière Prize for best actor in the play "The Seagull" by Anton Chekhov. He passed away in 1996 at the age of 79, leaving behind a legacy as one of Brazil's most respected and influential filmmakers.

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Tom Payne

Tom Payne (October 4, 1914 Lomas de Zamora-September 15, 1996 Alfenas) a.k.a. Thomas Payne was a Brazilian screenwriter, film director and actor. His children are called Vanessa Payne, Vivien Payne and Tommy Payne.

Payne is most well-known for his work as a filmmaker during the Brazilian Cinema Novo movement in the 1960s. He directed and wrote the screenplay for the critically acclaimed film, "Joaquim Pedro de Andrade por ele mesmo" (Joaquim Pedro de Andrade by himself) in 1969. Payne's career in film spanned over four decades and included work in both documentary and feature films. He was also a well-respected actor, appearing in a number of films throughout his career. Payne passed away at the age of 81 in Alfenas, Brazil.

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