Brazilian movie stars died in Pulmonary embolism

Here are 1 famous actors from Brazil died in Pulmonary embolism:

Marcos Paulo

Marcos Paulo (March 1, 1951 São Paulo-November 11, 2012 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Marcos Paulo Simões was a Brazilian actor, television producer and television director. He had three children, Giulia Martins, Wanessa Simões and Mariana Simões.

Marcos Paulo started his career as an actor in the 1970s and worked in a number of Brazilian soap operas or telenovelas. Some of his most notable performances were in the telenovelas "Dancing Days", "Roque Santeiro" and "Fera Ferida". Later he became a television director and produced several telenovelas himself. He is known for directing popular Brazilian telenovelas such as "Bridges of Love", "India, a Love Story" and "Four Women and a Man". Marcos Paulo also directed some films such as "Seams and Embraces" and "Assassin's Blood". He received many awards throughout his career including the Best Director in the International Emmy Awards. Marcop Paulo passed away in 2012 due to complications from cancer.

In addition to his successful career in acting and directing, Marcos Paulo also ventured into entrepreneurship. He was the founder of the production company "MP Produções", which produced several successful Brazilian television shows. Marcos Paulo was also an accomplished singer and sang the opening theme of his telenovela "Elas Por Elas". He was married several times throughout his life, including to famous Brazilian actresses Renata Sorrah and Flávia Alessandra. Despite his success, Marcos Paulo was known for being a very private person. In his later years, he battled cancer and eventually passed away at the age of 61. His passing was felt by many in the Brazilian entertainment industry, who recognized his immense talent and contribution to Brazilian television and film.

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