Brazilian movie stars died in Renal failure

Here are 2 famous actors from Brazil died in Renal failure:

Dorival Caymmi

Dorival Caymmi (April 30, 1914 Salvador-August 16, 2008 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian songwriter, singer and actor. His children are called Dori Caymmi, Nana Caymmi and Danilo Caymmi.

Caymmi is considered one of the most iconic figures in Brazilian music, with a career spanning over six decades. His music style was heavily influenced by the rhythms of Bahia, a state in northeastern Brazil where he was born. He was known for his soulful voice and beautiful compositions, which often reflected the daily life and culture of the Brazilian people.

Over the course of his career, Caymmi recorded over 20 albums, wrote numerous hit songs, and collaborated with many famous Brazilian musicians. His songs have been covered by many artists around the world, and he has been an inspiration for generations of Brazilian musicians.

Aside from his musical career, Caymmi also pursued acting and appeared in several Brazilian films. In recognition of his contributions to Brazilian culture, he was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit by the Brazilian government in 1994. Today, his legacy lives on, and his music continues to be celebrated by people all around the world.

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Gianfrancesco Guarnieri

Gianfrancesco Guarnieri (August 6, 1934 Milan-July 22, 2006 São Paulo) also known as Gianfrancesco Guarni or Gianfrancesco Sigfrido Benedetto Martinenghi de Guarnieri was a Brazilian actor, writer, lyricist, poet, playwright, television director and screenwriter. His children are called Cláudio Guarnieri, Mariana Guarnieri, Fernando Guarnieri, Flávio Guarnieri and Paulo Guarnieri.

Gianfrancesco Guarnieri was born to an Italian father and a Brazilian mother, and he spent his early years in Italy before returning to Brazil when he was six years old. He began his career as a writer and went on to become a prolific playwright, penning over 40 plays that explored the social and political issues of Brazil. He was known for his use of satire and irony to critique the government, and his work often drew the ire of the ruling military regime.

Guarnieri was also a successful actor, appearing in films like "O Quatrilho" (1995) and "Central Station" (1998), both of which were nominated for Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. He received critical acclaim for his stage performances, particularly in his own plays.

In addition to his work in the arts, Guarnieri was also involved in politics, running for office several times as a member of the left-wing Workers' Party. He was a vocal opponent of Brazil's military dictatorship and worked to promote democracy and human rights.

Guarnieri died in São Paulo in 2006 at the age of 71, leaving behind a legacy as one of Brazil's most important cultural figures.

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