Brazilian movie actresses born in the year 1913

Here are 5 famous actresses from Brazil were born in 1913:

Mariquita Purcell

Mariquita Purcell (June 8, 1913 Rio de Janeiro-October 24, 2009 Kensington) otherwise known as Maraquita Annis or Mara Purcell was a Brazilian actor and singer. She had three children, Francesca Annis, Tony P. Annis and Quenton D. Annis.

Véra Clouzot

Véra Clouzot (December 30, 1913 Rio de Janeiro-December 15, 1960 Paris) also known as Véra Gibson-Amado, Vera Clouzot or Amado Vera Gibson was a Brazilian actor, writer and screenwriter.

Lu Marival

Lu Marival (December 13, 1913 São Paulo-February 3, 2000 Brazil) also known as Lucília Lima Albuquerque was a Brazilian actor.

Eleonor Bruno

Eleonor Bruno (October 6, 1913 Niterói-December 24, 2004 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian actor. She had one child, Nicete Bruno.

Dona Zica

Dona Zica (February 5, 1913 Rio de Janeiro-January 22, 2003 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Euzébia Silva do Nascimento was a Brazilian actor.

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