Brazilian movie actresses born in the year 1982

Here are 12 famous actresses from Brazil were born in 1982:

Cristina Lago

Cristina Lago (March 12, 1982 Curitiba-) also known as Cris Lago is a Brazilian actor, dancer and film producer.

She started her career as a dancer, performing in various dance companies and shows in Brazil and Europe. Lago later transitioned to acting and has starred in several Brazilian TV shows and films, including "Amores Roubados" and "O Negócio." In addition to her acting career, she is also a successful film producer, having produced award-winning films such as "Baixo Centro" and "Rifle." Lago is also a dedicated philanthropist and is involved in various charitable causes focused on education and social justice in Brazil.

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Alinne Moraes

Alinne Moraes (December 22, 1982 Sorocaba-) a.k.a. Aline Cristine Dorelli de Magalhães e Morais, Aline Moraes or Alinne Moares is a Brazilian actor and model.

Alinne Moraes started her career as a model, but quickly transitioned to acting. Her breakthrough role came in the Brazilian TV series "Mujeres Apasionadas" (2003), where she played the character Salete. She has since starred in numerous TV shows, including "Como uma Onda," "Ciranda de Pedra," and "Viver a Vida," for which she won the Best Actress award at the Emmy Awards.

In addition to her TV work, Moraes has also appeared in several films, including "O Homem do Ano" and "Tim Maia." She has been nominated for several awards for her film work, including the Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro.

Moraes is considered one of the most talented and sought-after actresses in Brazil, and has a large and dedicated fan base. She is also known for her activism and philanthropic work, particularly in the areas of the environment and animal rights.

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Cléo Pires

Cléo Pires (October 2, 1982 Rio de Janeiro-) a.k.a. Cleo Pires, Cléo Pires Ayrosa Galvão or Cleo Pires Ayrosa Galvão is a Brazilian actor.

She is the daughter of actor and singer Fábio Jr. and actress Glória Pires, and started her acting career at the age of 16 in the Brazilian soap opera "Memorial de Maria Moura". Since then, she has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including "Benjamin", "Meu Nome Não é Johnny", "Araguaia", and "Supermax". In addition to her acting work, Cléo Pires is also a model and has posed for a number of magazines, including Playboy Brazil. She has been celebrated for her performances, receiving nominations for awards such as the Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro and the Prêmio Contigo.

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Mel Lisboa

Mel Lisboa (January 17, 1982 Porto Alegre-) also known as Mel Lisboa Alves or Melzinha is a Brazilian actor and presenter. She has two children, Bernardo Lisboa and Clarice Lisboa.

Mel Lisboa began her acting career at the age of 13, appearing in various commercials and TV programs. She gained widespread recognition for her performance as Anita in the Brazilian miniseries "Presença de Anita" in 2001, for which she won the Troféu Imprensa award for Best Actress.

Lisboa has since appeared in several other notable TV shows and films, including "Os Aspones", "Onde Está Teresa?", and "Carga Pesada". In addition to acting, she has also worked as a presenter on Brazilian TV programs such as "Hipertensão" and "Ela é Show".

Throughout her career, Lisboa has received numerous awards and nominations for her work, including six Prêmio Contigo! awards for Best Actress in a TV Series or Miniseries. She is known for her versatile acting skills and ability to portray complex characters with depth and authenticity.

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Tainá Müller

Tainá Müller (June 1, 1982 Porto Alegre-) a.k.a. Tainá Muller is a Brazilian actor.

She began her acting career in 2004, appearing in various Brazilian TV shows and films. She gained national recognition for her portrayal of the character Nina in the 2011 Brazilian film "The Silver Cliff". Since then, Müller has starred in several critically acclaimed Brazilian films and TV shows, including "Vazante", "Boca a Boca" and "A Hidden Life". In addition to acting, Müller is also a writer and has published several articles on feminism and social issues. She is known for her activism and advocacy work for women's rights and LGBTQ+ rights in Brazil.

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Leandra Leal

Leandra Leal (September 8, 1982 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Leandra Leal Brás, Leandra Leal Braz or Leandra Rodrigues Leal Braz e Silva is a Brazilian actor.

Leandra Leal began her career as a child actress, appearing in theater and television productions. She gained wider recognition in Brazil in the early 2000s with her roles in hit telenovelas such as "Presença de Anita" and "Celebridade." Leal is also known for her work in Brazilian cinema, starring in critically acclaimed films like "O Lobo Atrás da Porta" and "Boca de Ouro." In addition to her acting career, she is also involved in social issues and has actively campaigned against domestic violence in Brazil. Leandra Leal has been recognized for her contributions to Brazilian culture and was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit by the Brazilian government in 2016.

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Grazi Massafera

Grazi Massafera (June 28, 1982 Jacarezinho-) otherwise known as Graziela Massafera, Grazielli "Grazi" Massafera or Grazielli Massafera is a Brazilian model and actor. Her child is called Sofia Massafara Reymond.

Grazi Massafera first rose to prominence in Brazil as a participant on the fifth season of the reality show, Big Brother Brazil, in 2005. She finished the show as the runner-up, but her charming personality and stunning looks caught the attention of casting agents in the entertainment industry. After Big Brother Brazil, Massafera pursued a career in modeling and quickly found success, working with major brands and appearing in numerous fashion campaigns.

In 2006, she also made her acting debut on the Brazilian telenovela Páginas da Vida, playing the role of the supporting character Thelminha. This breakout performance earned her critical acclaim and led to more acting opportunities in popular Brazilian soap operas and TV shows.

Massafera's success as a model and actor has earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious Contigo! Prize for Best Actress in a Leading Role and the Brazilian International Press Award for Best Brazilian Actress.

In her personal life, Massafera was married to actor Cauã Reymond from 2007 to 2013 and the couple has a daughter together, Sofia. She has also been heavily involved in various philanthropic and social causes, including advocating for the rights of children and women.

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Marjorie Estiano

Marjorie Estiano (March 8, 1982 Curitiba-) a.k.a. Majorie Estiano or Estiano, Marjorie is a Brazilian singer and actor.

She started her career in the entertainment industry as an actor in Brazilian soap operas such as "Malhação" and "Duas Caras". In 2005, she released her self-titled debut album which was a commercial success and earned her critical acclaim. She continued to release music over the years and has since won numerous awards for her work in both acting and music. In addition to her career in entertainment, Estiano is a vocal advocate for environmental and social causes in Brazil.

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Giselle Itié

Giselle Itié (October 3, 1982 Mexico City-) also known as Giselle Itié, Giselle Itié Ramos, Giselle Itie, Gisele Itiê or Gisele Itié is a Brazilian actor.

She was born in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and a Brazilian father, and grew up in Brazil. Itié graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro with a degree in Social Communication with a specialization in Cinema. She began her career in the entertainment industry as a model and later transitioned to acting. Itié has appeared in numerous films and television shows in Brazil and Mexico, including the telenovela "Belaventura" and the film "The Expendables". She is also an activist and has been involved in environmental and social causes. Itié is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

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Mayana Moura

Mayana Moura (August 29, 1982 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Brazilian actor.

Mayana Moura started her career as a model and a DJ before making her acting debut in 2008 in the TV series "A Favorita". She gained critical acclaim for her portrayal of Melina in the TV series "Passione" and has since starred in several other successful TV shows including "Tempo de Amar" and "Orgulho e Paixão". Apart from her successful TV career, Mayana has also acted in several movies including "O Homem Perfeito" and "Reza a Lenda". In addition to her acting career, Mayana is also a singer and has released her debut EP "Selfie" in 2014. She is known for her unique style statement and has become a popular fashion icon in Brazil.

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Paolla Oliveira

Paolla Oliveira (April 14, 1982 São Paulo-) also known as Caroline Paola Oliveira da Silva is a Brazilian actor.

She began her acting career in 1999 in the Brazilian soap opera "Chiquititas" and went on to star in many other popular telenovelas such as "O Profeta" and "A Força do Querer". In addition to her successful acting career, Oliveira is also a model and has appeared in numerous magazines and fashion campaigns. She has won multiple awards for her work in television, including three "Melhores do Ano" awards from the Brazilian magazine "Domingão do Faustão". Oliveira is also known for her involvement in charitable causes, particularly for her work with an organization that supports children with cancer.

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Patrícia Araújo

Patrícia Araújo (March 11, 1982 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Brazilian pornographic film actor, model and actor.

Patrícia Araújo was a Brazilian transgender adult film actress, model, and actress. She was born on March 11, 1982, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Araújo began her career in the adult film industry in 2005 and quickly gained popularity due to her beauty and talent.

In addition to her work in the adult film industry, Araújo also worked as a fashion model and actress. She appeared in several Brazilian television series and films throughout her career. Despite her success, Araújo faced discrimination and transphobia in both her personal and professional life.

Tragically, Araújo passed away on June 6, 2019, in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 37. Her death was mourned by many and sparked conversations about the ongoing discrimination and violence faced by the transgender community.

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