Brazilian movie actresses born in the year 1983

Here are 13 famous actresses from Brazil were born in 1983:

Júlia Almeida

Júlia Almeida (January 5, 1983 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Júlia Gonçalves de Almeida is a Brazilian actor.

She began her career in theater at a young age and made her television debut in 1996 in the soap opera "Salsa e Merengue." Since then, she has become a prominent figure in Brazilian television, appearing in popular telenovelas such as "Paraíso Tropical" and "Malhação."

In addition to acting, Júlia is also a writer and has published several works, including the book "O que se Conta no Cinema." She is also a political activist and has been involved in various social causes, including women's rights and LGBTQ+ rights.

Júlia is also known for her personal life, having been in high-profile relationships with fellow actors and musical artists. Despite the media attention, she has maintained a private life and continues to focus on her career and activism.

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Ludmila Dayer

Ludmila Dayer (June 18, 1983 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Ludmila Dayer Schuller is a Brazilian actor.

Ludmila Dayer began her career in entertainment at the age of 12, acting in Brazilian television commercials. She moved to London at the age of 15 and studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Her breakthrough role came in 2001, when she played the character of Almásy's lover in the Academy Award-winning film "The English Patient". Since then, she has acted in a number of international films and television shows, including "NCIS: Los Angeles", "Criminal Minds", and "The Tudors". Dayer is also a well-known advocate for animal rights and environmental causes.

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Alice Braga

Alice Braga (April 15, 1983 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Alice Braga Moraes or Lili is a Brazilian actor.

Alice Braga is best known for her roles in Hollywood films such as "I Am Legend", "Predators", and "Elysium", as well as her acclaimed performances in Brazilian cinema. She comes from a family of actors, with her mother and aunt also being well-known actresses in Brazil. Braga began her acting career as a child, appearing in Brazilian television shows and commercials. She made her film debut in 1998 in the Brazilian drama "Trampolim". Over the years, she has received critical acclaim for her roles in a variety of films, including "Lower City", "City of God" and "The Blindness". Aside from acting, Braga is also an advocate for social justice causes, particularly in her home country of Brazil.

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Maria Flor

Maria Flor (August 31, 1983 Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Maria Flor Leite Calaça is a Brazilian actor.

She is best known for her roles in the films Love for Sale (2006), The Man Who Copied (2003) and The House of Sand (2005). Maria started acting in theater at a young age and eventually transitioned into television and film. In addition to her acting career, Maria Flor also works as a writer and has contributed articles to various publications. She is highly regarded in the Brazilian film industry and has won several awards for her performances. Maria Flor is also involved in social activism and has advocated for LGBTQ+ rights and environmental causes.

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Andréia Horta

Andréia Horta (July 27, 1983 Juiz de Fora-) is a Brazilian actor.

She began her acting career in theater plays in her hometown of Juiz de Fora, before moving to Rio de Janeiro to further her studies in acting. In 2006, she made her television debut in the Brazilian soap opera "Páginas da Vida", which earned her critical acclaim and recognition.

Since then, Horta has appeared in various Brazilian films, TV shows, and theater productions, winning several awards for her performances. She is known for her versatility and ability to portray complex characters with ease.

In 2016, Horta gained international recognition for her role as Elis Regina in the Brazilian biopic "Elis". The film was selected as the Brazilian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.

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Sandy Leah Lima

Sandy Leah Lima (January 28, 1983 Campinas-) a.k.a. Sandy or Sandy Leah is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actor and record producer.

She started her music career as a member of the pop duo Sandy & Junior, alongside her brother Junior Lima. Together, they released 12 studio albums, sold over 20 million copies and won multiple awards, including six Latin Grammy nominations.

In 2010, Sandy kicked off her solo career by releasing her debut album "Manuscrito", which debuted at number one on the Brazilian charts and was well-received by critics. She has since released several hit albums and singles, including "Sim", "Meu Canto" and "Nós, Voz, Eles", which featured collaborations with other Brazilian artists.

Aside from her music career, Sandy has also ventured into acting, appearing in films, TV shows and stage productions. She has also been an advocate for various causes, such as animal rights and mental health awareness.

Sandy remains one of the most successful and respected artists in Brazil, known for her powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics and versatile musical style.

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Vanessa Giácomo

Vanessa Giácomo (March 29, 1983 Volta Redonda-) also known as Vanessa Mendes da Silva Lima is a Brazilian actor. She has two children, Raul de Oliveira and Moisés de Oliveira.

Giácomo started her career on the telenovela industry with a small role in the soap opera "Cabocla" in 2004. She gained more recognition with her role as the antagonist "Carol" in "Paraíso Tropical" in 2007. Since then she has appeared in several successful telenovelas such as "A Lei do Amor", "O Sétimo Guardião" and "A Regra do Jogo". Giácomo has also been featured in films including "Amor?" and "Divã". In addition to her acting career, Giácomo has been involved in several philanthropic projects focusing on issues such as mental health and children's rights.

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Fernanda Paes Leme

Fernanda Paes Leme (June 4, 1983 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Fernanda Miranda Paes Leme de Abreu or Fezinha is a Brazilian model and actor.

She began her career as a child model and landed her first television role at age 12 in the Brazilian soap opera "Chiquititas". She went on to land roles in several other Brazilian TV shows, including "A Casa das Sete Mulheres" and "Mandrake". In 2007, she was a contestant on the Brazilian reality show "Dança no Gelo" (Dancing on Ice), where she placed third.

Aside from her acting career, Paes Leme is also a popular television host and has hosted several shows, including "Desengaveta" and "X Factor Brasil". In addition, she has worked as a social media influencer and has collaborated with brands such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Sephora.

Paes Leme is also known for her philanthropic work and has supported various causes, including the fight against breast cancer and the protection of the Amazon rainforest. She has also been an advocate for LGBT rights in Brazil.

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Sheron Menezzes

Sheron Menezzes (November 26, 1983 Porto Alegre-) otherwise known as Sheron Menezes is a Brazilian actor.

She began her career as a model before making her acting debut in the telenovela "Cobras & Lagartos" in 2006. Since then, she has appeared in several popular Brazilian telenovelas, including "A Favorita," "Passione," and "Babilônia."

In addition to her television work, Menezzes has also appeared in films such as "Redentor" and "O Homem Perfeito." She has also been recognized for her work on stage, receiving a nomination for the Shell Award for her performance in the play "Acorda Brasil."

Menezzes is also known for her social and environmental activism. She has been involved in initiatives to increase awareness about climate change and has worked with organizations that advocate for women's rights and the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

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Petra Costa

Petra Costa (July 8, 1983 Belo Horizonte-) is a Brazilian actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer.

She is best known for her award-winning documentaries, which often explore political themes and personal narratives. Costa's work has screened at numerous film festivals and received critical acclaim worldwide.

Born into a family of left-wing activists, Costa developed an early interest in social justice and political activism. After studying filmmaking in New York, she returned to Brazil to begin her career as a filmmaker. Her debut feature-length documentary, "Elena," premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2012 and was widely praised by critics for its intimate portrayal of grief and loss.

Costa's 2019 documentary, "The Edge of Democracy," was one of the most talked-about films of the year. The film offers a complex portrait of Brazil's recent political turmoil, chronicling the rise and fall of former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and the impeachment that ultimately removed her from office.

Throughout her career, Costa has been vocal about her commitment to telling stories that challenge conventional narratives and amplify marginalized voices. In addition to her work as a filmmaker, she is an advocate for social justice and works to promote gender equality and environmental conservation.

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Tânia Mara

Tânia Mara (February 9, 1983 Brasília-) also known as Tânia Mara Araújo Almeida, Tania Mara or Mara, Tania is a Brazilian singer and actor. She has one child, Maysa Monjardim.

Tânia Mara started her singing career at the age of 11, performing in festivals and local events in her hometown, Brasília. In 1999, she moved to Rio de Janeiro to pursue her music career, and in 2000, she signed with Warner Music Brazil. Her debut album, "Tânia Mara," was released in 2005 and included the hit single "Gostava Tanto de Você."

Since then, Tânia Mara has released several successful albums and singles, including "Se Quiser," "Só Vejo Você," and "Faz Tempo." She has also collaborated with other Brazilian artists such as Alexandre Pires, Belo, and Luan Santana.

Aside from her music career, Tânia Mara has also had success as an actor, appearing in several Brazilian telenovelas such as "Duas Caras," "O Tempo Não Para," and "Amor de Mãe."

Throughout her career, Tânia Mara has won several awards, including the Multishow Award for Best Listen Pop in 2007 and the Troféu Imprensa Award for Best Singer in 2014.

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Letícia Persiles

Letícia Persiles (January 7, 1983 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Brazilian actor. Her child is called Ariel Carvalho.

Letícia Persiles began her career in theater, performing in several plays in Rio de Janeiro. She made her television debut in 2010 in the telenovela "Araguaia" on Rede Globo, and has since appeared in several TV series and films. Persiles is also a singer and has released an album titled "Todo Mundo Ama no Fundo". She has been praised for her versatile and dynamic performances, and has received nominations for various awards for her work in both television and theater. In addition to her acting career, Persiles is also an advocate for environmental and social causes.

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Tata Werneck

Tata Werneck (August 11, 1983 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Talita Arguelhes Werneck or Tatá Werneck is a Brazilian actor, comedian, television show host and screenwriter.

Tata Werneck started her career in television, initially as a VJ for MTV Brasil, before moving on to act in several telenovelas and sitcoms. She gained widespread popularity for her comedic timing and wit, leading to her own show, "Trolalá," on Multishow.

Werneck has also had success in film, starring in the box office hits "Vai que Cola" and "TOC: Transtornada Obsessiva Compulsiva," which she also co-wrote.

In addition to her acting and comedic work, Werneck is a noted philanthropist and has been vocal about her support for various social causes, including environmentalism and animal rights. She has also used her platform to advocate for mental health awareness, sharing her own struggles with anxiety and depression.

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