Brazilian movie actresses born in the year 1989

Here are 5 famous actresses from Brazil were born in 1989:

Juliana Lohmann

Juliana Lohmann (September 1, 1989 Niterói-) a.k.a. Juliana Ragghianti Lohmann Cardoso is a Brazilian actor.

She started her acting career at a young age, making her debut on the Brazilian soap opera "América" in 2005. Juliana soon became a popular figure in Brazilian television, appearing in a number of well-known series such as "Malhação" and "Ti Ti Ti". In addition to her acting work, Juliana is also a trained dancer and has participated in several dance shows on Brazilian television. Outside of her entertainment career, she is known for her philanthropic work with organizations such as the UNICEF and World Wildlife Fund. Juliana continues to act in both TV and film productions in Brazil.

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Sophie Charlotte

Sophie Charlotte (April 29, 1989 Hamburg-) is a Brazilian actor.

She was born in Hamburg, Germany to a Dutch father and a Brazilian mother. Sophie Charlotte moved to Brazil at a young age and began her career as a model before transitioning to acting. Her breakthrough role was in the Brazilian telenovela "Fina Estampa" in 2011, which earned her a nomination for the International Emmy Award for Best Actress. Since then, she has starred in several successful TV shows and movies, including "Os Dias Eram Assim" and "A Lei do Amor". In addition to her work in acting, Sophie Charlotte is also a singer and has released several singles and albums.

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Tammy Di Calafiori

Tammy Di Calafiori (January 10, 1989 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Brazilian actor.

She began her acting career in 2006 in the popular Brazilian soap opera "Malhação". After her successful debut, Tammy Di Calafiori went on to star in various other TV series, films, and theater productions. Some of her notable works include "A Lei do Amor", "Amor em Tempos de Guerra", and "Ciao, Professore!".

In addition to acting, Tammy is also a trained dancer and has performed in several musical theater productions. She has won awards for her contributions to Brazilian television and theater, including the coveted APCA award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series.

Off-screen, Tammy is passionate about social causes and uses her platform to raise awareness about important issues such as women's rights and the environment. She is also an advocate for animal rights and has worked with several animal welfare organizations in Brazil.

Tammy Di Calafiori continues to be a prominent figure in the Brazilian entertainment industry, and her talent and dedication have earned her a legion of fans both at home and abroad.

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Clarice Falcão

Clarice Falcão (October 23, 1989 Recife-) also known as Clarice or Clarice Franco de Abreu Falcão is a Brazilian actor, composer, singer, comedian, screenwriter and songwriter.

She rose to fame in Brazil with her popular webseries and music videos on YouTube. She started studying acting at the age of 18 and later pursued a degree in Audiovisual Communication. Besides music, she starred in several television shows and films such as "Avenida Brasil" and "O Grande Gonzalez." Clarice is known for her witty and sarcastic humor in her music and comedy sketches. She has released three successful albums and continues to tour and perform across Brazil. In addition to her creative work, Clarice is also an outspoken activist for LGBTQ+ rights and feminist issues.

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Gabriela Bertante

Gabriela Bertante (May 7, 1989 Matias Barbosa-) is a Brazilian actor and model.

After completing her studies, Gabriela began her career as a model and quickly gained recognition for her stunning looks and talent in front of the camera. She has appeared in numerous fashion shows for major brands and has also worked on several ad campaigns.

In addition to her modeling work, Gabriela has also ventured into acting. She made her acting debut in the Bollywood film "Department" and has also appeared in the Brazilian TV series "Chiquititas" and "O Rico e Lázaro".

Gabriela's success as a model and actor has earned her a massive following on social media, where she regularly shares insights into her life and work. She is also known for her charitable work and has collaborated with various organizations to support causes such as education, animal welfare, and environmental conservation.

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