Brazilian movie actresses died when they were 33

Here are 1 famous actresses from Brazil died at 33:

Márcia Mendes

Márcia Mendes (December 9, 1945 Três Lagoas-April 5, 1979) was a Brazilian journalist and actor.

She graduated in journalism from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and then worked as a reporter for one of the largest Brazilian newspapers, "O Globo". Márcia was also an accomplished actor, having appeared in several Brazilian films and television shows. She was known for her strong social and political activism, and used her platform as a journalist and actor to voice her opinions on issues such as women's rights and the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil at the time. Tragically, Márcia was killed in a car accident in 1979 at the age of 33, cutting short a promising career as a journalist and actor.

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