Brazilian movie actresses died in the year 2006

Here are 2 famous actresses from Brazil died in 2006:

Cléa Simões

Cléa Simões (January 4, 1927 Belém-February 24, 2006 Niterói) was a Brazilian actor.

She began her career in the 1940s in Rio de Janeiro, working in theater before making her film debut in the 1951 film "O Rei do Movimento." Simões became known for her versatile acting skills and appeared in dozens of films and TV series throughout her career. She was particularly renowned for her work in telenovelas such as "O Bem-Amado" and "Roque Santeiro." Simões was also a respected acting teacher and taught at the Escola de Teatro Martins Penna in Rio de Janeiro. Her contributions to Brazilian cinema and television earned her numerous awards and recognition, including the Medalha Pedro Ernesto, one of Rio de Janeiro's highest honors.

In addition to her work as an actor and teacher, Cléa Simões was also a singer and recorded several albums throughout her career. She was known for her ability to interpret Brazilian music, and her repertoire included samba, MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), and bossa nova. Simões was also actively involved in social causes and was a strong advocate for women's rights. In 2003, she published her autobiography, "Do Álamo ao Ipê-Cléa Simões: Uma Atriz Brasileira," which chronicled her life and career in detail. She passed away in 2006 at the age of 79, leaving behind a legacy as one of Brazil's most accomplished actors and beloved cultural figures.

Marina Montini

Marina Montini (January 10, 1948 Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro-March 20, 2006 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian actor.

She started her career as a child actor, appearing in various radio shows and TV programs in Brazil. She gained recognition for her performance in the 1960s TV series "Beto Rockfeller". Throughout her career, Montini appeared in numerous TV shows, movies and theatre plays, becoming a prominent figure in the Brazilian entertainment industry. She was known for her versatility, as she portrayed characters ranging from comedic to dramatic roles. Montini was also a beloved personality off-screen, known for her kindness and generosity towards her colleagues and fans. Despite her success, Montini faced health issues towards the end of her life and passed away in 2006 at the age of 58.

In addition to her successful career as an actor, Marina Montini was a talented painter and had several exhibitions of her artwork. She was also an advocate for animal rights and frequently participated in campaigns to raise awareness about animal cruelty. Montini was married to fellow actor Carlos Augusto Strazzer, with whom she appeared in several TV shows and plays. The couple was widely respected in the entertainment industry and known for their loving relationship. After Montini's death, her legacy lived on through the Marina Montini Foundation, which supports animal welfare and children's charities in Brazil. Her contribution to Brazilian cinema and theatre continues to be remembered and celebrated by her fans and colleagues.

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