Brazilian movie stars died in Suicide

Here are 1 famous actresses from Brazil died in Suicide:

Leila Lopes

Leila Lopes (November 19, 1959 São Leopoldo-) is a Brazilian journalist, presenter and actor.

She is best known for her work as a news anchor for the Brazilian television network Rede Globo. After graduating from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Lopes began her journalism career at TV Gaúcha in the late 1980s. She then moved on to work at various other television networks in Brazil before joining Rede Globo in 2001. Lopes has also worked as a presenter and has appeared in several Brazilian films and television shows. She is an advocate for women's rights and has been involved in various initiatives supporting this cause. In 2017, Lopes was awarded the Maria Quitéria Medal for her contributions to Brazilian society.

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