Brazilian musicians born in the year 1971

Here are 8 famous musicians from Brazil were born in 1971:

Rafael Bittencourt

Rafael Bittencourt (October 22, 1971 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Bittencourt, Rafael is a Brazilian composer and guitarist.

Genres related to him: Progressive metal, Power metal and Heavy metal.

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Fernanda Takai

Fernanda Takai (August 25, 1971 Serra do Navio-) also known as Fernanda Barbosa Takai is a Brazilian musician, singer-songwriter and singer. She has one child, Nina Takai.

Her albums include Onde brilhem os olhos seus, Luz negra, , and . Genres she performed: Música popular brasileira, Pop rock, Alternative rock, Experimental rock, Indie pop and Art rock.

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Ed Motta

Ed Motta (August 17, 1971 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Ed, Eduardo Motta or Ed Mota is a Brazilian musician, singer, composer and record producer.

Discography: Entre e ouça, Manual prático para festas, bailes e afins, Volume 1, Remixes & Aperitivos, As segundas intenções do manual prático..., Gold, Aystelum, Dwitza, Perfil, Sucessos + Radidades (disc 2) and Ed Motta & Conexão Japeri.

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Luís Mariutti

Luís Mariutti (March 22, 1971 São Paulo-) also known as Luis Mariutti or Mariutti, Luis is a Brazilian musician.

He is best known as the former bassist of the Brazilian heavy metal band Angra. Mariutti began his music career in the late 1980s, playing in various local bands before joining Angra in 1992. With Angra, he recorded several successful albums, including Angels Cry (1993) and Holy Land (1996). Mariutti left Angra in 2007, and has since worked on various solo and collaborative projects. He has also performed with other Brazilian heavy metal bands such as Shaman and Firebox, as well as international acts like Blaze Bayley and Andre Matos. Apart from his music career, Mariutti is known for his passion for soccer and fitness.

In addition to his successful music career, Luís Mariutti has also ventured into other fields. He has co-written a book about the history of Brazilian heavy metal and has worked as a music producer for other artists. Mariutti is also involved in charity work and has organized benefit concerts to raise money for various causes. Outside of the music industry, he is a certified fitness coach and has worked as a personal trainer. Additionally, Mariutti is an avid enthusiast of soccer, having played the sport since childhood. He has even organized charity soccer matches featuring fellow musicians and Brazilian soccer legends. Overall, Luís Mariutti is a multi-talented artist and a well-respected figure in the Brazilian heavy metal community.

Luís Mariutti was born in São Paulo, Brazil, on March 22, 1971, into a family of musicians. His brother Hugo Mariutti is also a famous guitarist, known for his work with the Brazilian heavy metal band Shaman. Luís started playing the bass guitar at the age of 14 and soon became a part of the local music scene.

After joining Angra in 1992, Mariutti became an integral part of the band's sound, contributing to their unique blend of heavy metal, progressive rock, and Brazilian music. He played on some of the band's most iconic songs, including "Carolina IV" and "The Shaman's Apprentice."

In addition to his work with Angra, Mariutti has collaborated with several other musicians and bands, both in Brazil and abroad. He played bass on Blaze Bayley's album The Man Who Would Not Die and toured with the former Iron Maiden singer. He has also worked with Andre Matos, a fellow Brazilian musician and former member of Angra.

Mariutti's interest in fitness and sports started at a young age. He has trained in various forms of martial arts and is a certified fitness coach with over 20 years of experience. He has worked as a personal trainer for several high-profile clients, including other musicians.

In recent years, Mariutti has focused on his solo career, releasing an album in 2020 called "Insight." The record showcases his versatility as a musician, blending elements of heavy metal, progressive rock, and Brazilian music.

With over three decades of experience in the music industry, Luís Mariutti is a respected figure and an inspiration to aspiring musicians and fitness enthusiasts. He continues to be an active participant in the Brazilian heavy metal community and is constantly pushing himself to new heights.

In addition to his musical accomplishments, Luís Mariutti has also delved into the literary world. In 2017, he co-wrote the book "Heavy Metal: Os Bastidores do Som Pesado", which chronicles the history of Brazilian heavy metal music. The book was well-received and praised for its detailed and comprehensive account of a genre that has long been overlooked in Brazil.

Mariutti's dedication to giving back to his community is also evident through his charitable work. He has organized benefit concerts for causes such as children's hospitals and animal shelters. In 2018, he even organized a benefit concert for a favela in São Paulo, raising funds to build a community center and library for the residents.

Despite his many achievements, Mariutti remains humble and grateful for his success. He has credited his upbringing and family for instilling in him a strong work ethic and passion for music. He continues to inspire others through his music, fitness coaching, and charitable endeavors, making him a beloved figure in Brazil and beyond.

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Mônica Salmaso

Mônica Salmaso (February 27, 1971 São Paulo-) otherwise known as Mônica Salmaso or Monica Salmaso is a Brazilian singer.

Her most important albums: Brazilian Soul Lyric, Iaiá, Trampolim, Noites de gala, samba na rua, Voadeira, , Afro-Sambas and . Genres: Música popular brasileira.

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Claudio Kron

Claudio Kron (June 1, 1971 Brazil-) is a Brazilian , .

Genres he performed: Reggae and Samba.

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Dario Seixas

Dario Seixas (March 11, 1971 Niterói-) also known as Dario Seixas Filho is a Brazilian bassist, musician and singer-songwriter.

Genres he performed include Hard rock, Heavy metal and Glam metal.

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André Matos

André Matos (September 14, 1971 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Andre Matos or Matos, Andre is a Brazilian singer, musician, author, pianist and composer.

His most recognized albums: Time to Be Free, Mentalize and The Turn of the Lights. Genres related to him: Heavy metal, Power metal, Speed metal, Neoclassical metal, Progressive metal, Symphonic rock, Symphonic metal, Classical music, Melodic music, New Age, Música popular brasileira, Thrash metal, Folk metal and Alternative metal.

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