Brazilian musicians born in the year 1980

Here are 11 famous musicians from Brazil were born in 1980:

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen (July 20, 1980 Três de Maio-) also known as Gisele Bundchen, Gisele Caroline Bündchen, Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen, Gisele Caroline Nonnenmache Bündchen, The Midas Queen, Gise, The Body, The Hurricane Gisele or La Bundchen is a Brazilian supermodel, fashion model, actor, model and television producer. Her children are Benjamin Brady and Vivian Lake Brady.

Her albums include All Day and All of the Night and Heart of Glass.

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Yamandú Costa

Yamandú Costa (January 24, 1980 Passo Fundo-) also known as Yamandu Costa or Yamandu is a Brazilian composer and guitarist.

His discography includes: Yamandú ao vivo, Lida, Ida e volta, Yamandú, Tokyo Session, Diamandu, Luz da aurora, Yamandu + Dominguinhos: Lado B, Yamandú Valter and Dois tempos. Genres: Choro.

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Mariana Aydar

Mariana Aydar (May 8, 1980 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Aydar, Mariana is a Brazilian singer.

Her albums: Kavita 1 and Peixes, passaros, pessoas.

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Fabrizio Moretti

Fabrizio Moretti (June 2, 1980 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as fabrizio_moretti, Fab Moretti or Moretti, Fabrizio is a Brazilian drummer, television producer and musician.

His related genres: Rock music, Indie rock, Indie pop, Bossa nova, Indie folk, Soft rock, Samba, Folk rock and Música popular brasileira.

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Dado Dolabella

Dado Dolabella (July 20, 1980 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Brazilian actor.

Dado Dolabella began his acting career in 1997 with a small role in the Brazilian soap opera "Mandacaru". He gained recognition for his portrayal of the character Pedro in the soap opera "Malhação" and went on to appear in several other popular Brazilian telenovelas. In addition to his acting career, Dolabella is also known for his music, having released two albums and a DVD.

Outside of the entertainment industry, Dolabella has been involved in various controversies. He has been arrested multiple times for assault, including an incident in 2018 in which he allegedly assaulted his ex-wife. Dolabella has also been outspoken about his views on animal rights and has been involved in several protests and campaigns.

In 2008, Dado Dolabella won the fifth season of the Brazilian reality TV show "A Fazenda," which features celebrities competing in rural activities. He also participated in the third season of the Brazilian version of "Dancing with the Stars" in 2006, finishing in second place. Apart from his career and controversies, Dolabella is also known for his philanthropic work. He has supported various causes, including a children's hospital and a cancer treatment center. Dolabella is a vegan and has been actively involved in advocating for animal rights. In 2011, he founded an organization called Instituto Dado Dolabella, which works towards the protection and welfare of animals. Despite his controversies, Dolabella remains a popular figure in Brazil, with a significant social media following.

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Claudia Leitte

Claudia Leitte (July 10, 1980 São Gonçalo-) otherwise known as Claudia Leite or Cláudia Leitte is a Brazilian singer.

Discography: Ao Vivo Em Copacabana, As Máscaras, , , , Lazy Groove (Zumba), , , and . Her related genres: Pop music and Dance music.

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CéU (April 17, 1980 São Paulo-) also known as CeU, Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças, Céu or Céu Whitaker Poças is a Brazilian singer-songwriter.

Her albums: CéU, Vagarosa, Cangote, Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) and Caravana Sereia Bloom. Her related genres: Rhythm and blues, Jazz, Bossa nova, Soul music and Música popular brasileira.

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Georgia Brown

Georgia Brown (June 29, 1980 Naples-) is a Brazilian singer, record producer and songwriter.

Genres she performed: Pop music, Soul music, Electronica, Contemporary R&B, Electronic dance music and Blue-eyed soul.

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Roberta Sá

Roberta Sá (December 19, 1980 Natal-) also known as Roberta Sa or Sá, Roberta is a Brazilian singer and actor.

Her discography includes: Braseiro, Que belo estranho dia pra se ter alegria, Pra se ter alegria, and .

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Felipe Andreoli

Felipe Andreoli (March 7, 1980 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Andreoli, Felipe is a Brazilian bassist.

Genres he performed include Heavy metal.

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Juliana Silveira

Juliana Silveira (March 12, 1980 Santos, São Paulo-) is a Brazilian singer and actor.

Her albums: Floribella 2 É Pra Você Meu Coração.

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