Brazilian musicians died when they were 33

Here are 6 famous musicians from Brazil died at 33:

Martins Pena

Martins Pena (November 5, 1815 Rio de Janeiro-December 7, 1848 Lisbon) was a Brazilian writer and playwright.

He died as a result of tuberculosis.

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Antônio Castilho de Alcântara Machado

Antônio Castilho de Alcântara Machado (May 25, 1901 Brazil-April 14, 1935 Brazil) a.k.a. Alcantara Machado or Antônio de Alcântara Machado was a Brazilian writer.

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Eduardo Maiorino

Eduardo Maiorino (August 16, 1979 Campo Grande-December 23, 2012 Campo Grande) was a Brazilian personality.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Ryan Gracie

Ryan Gracie (August 14, 1974 Rio de Janeiro-December 15, 2007 São Paulo) also known as The Ballhog was a Brazilian personality.

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Claudiney Ramos

Claudiney Ramos (March 15, 1980 Porecatu-July 8, 2013 Sorocaba) also known as Claudiney 'Rincon' Ramos or RINCON was a Brazilian soccer player.

He died caused by malaria.

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Márcia Mendes

Márcia Mendes (December 9, 1945 Três Lagoas-April 5, 1979) was a Brazilian journalist and actor.

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