British actors born in 1910

Here are 15 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1910:

David Niven

David Niven (March 1, 1910 London-July 29, 1983 Château-d'Œx) also known as James David Graham Niven, David Nivens or Niv was a British actor, novelist and television producer. His children are called David Niven, Jamie Niven, Fiona Niven and Kristina Niven.

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Richard Ainley

Richard Ainley (December 22, 1910 Stanmore-May 18, 1967 London) also known as Richard Riddle or Richard Riddell was a British actor.

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Paddy Crean

Paddy Crean (June 27, 1910 London-December 22, 2003 Stratford) also known as Patrick Crean, Paddy, Pat Crean or Patrick "Paddy" Crean was a British actor.

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Anthony Hulme

Anthony Hulme (February 26, 1910 Dolgellau-March 27, 2007 Toronto) a.k.a. Harry Idris Miller or Tony was a British actor.

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Jack Hawkins

Jack Hawkins (September 14, 1910 Wood Green-July 18, 1973 Chelsea) also known as John Edward Hawkins, Colonel John Edward "Jack" Hawkins, John Edward "Jack" Hawkins, Colonel John Edward "Jack" Hawkins CBE, John Edward Hawkins CBE or 2nd Lieut Jack Hawkins was a British actor and soldier. He had four children, Susan Hawkins, Nicholas Hawkins, Caroline Hawkins and Andrew Hawkins.

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Norman Wooland

Norman Wooland (March 16, 1910 Düsseldorf-April 3, 1989 Staplehurst) a.k.a. Norman Wolland was a British actor.

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John Clements

John Clements (April 25, 1910 Hendon-April 6, 1988 Brighton) a.k.a. Sir John Selby Clements, Sir John Selby Clements, CBE, John Selby Clements or Sir John Clements was a British actor, theatrical producer, television producer, film director, television director and screenwriter.

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Lewis Shaw

Lewis Shaw (May 6, 1910 London-July 13, 1987 United Kingdom) was a British actor.

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Gerald Fielding

Gerald Fielding (July 6, 1910 Darjeeling-June 3, 1956 Encino) was a British actor.

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Ian Colin

Ian Colin (May 16, 1910 Livingstone-November 27, 1987) otherwise known as Ian Colin Wetherell was a British actor.

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Hugh Pryse

Hugh Pryse (November 11, 1910 London-August 11, 1955 England) also known as Hwfa Pryce, J. Hwfa Pryse or John Hwfa Pryse was a British actor.

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Cyril Cusack

Cyril Cusack (November 26, 1910 Durban-October 7, 1993 London) otherwise known as Cyril James Cusack was a British actor. He had six children, Sinéad Cusack, Catherine Cusack, Sorcha Cusack, Pádraig Cusack, Paul Cusack and Niamh Cusack.

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Val Rosing

Val Rosing (February 21, 1910 London-June 14, 1969 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Gilbert Russell, Valerian Rosing or Vladimir Rosing was a British singer, actor and vocal coach. He had two children, Anna Edouard and Claudia Russell.

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John Barrett

John Barrett (February 18, 1910 Rochdale-May 22, 1983 London) also known as Jack Elvyn Barrett was a British actor.

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George Devine

George Devine (November 20, 1910 London-January 20, 1966 London) also known as George Alexander Cassady Devine was a British actor. He had one child, Harriet Devine Jump.

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