British actors died at age 45

Here are 5 famous actors from United Kingdom died at 45:

Simon Cadell

Simon Cadell (July 19, 1950 London-March 6, 1996 Westminster) a.k.a. Simon John Cadell was a British actor and voice actor.

He died caused by cancer.

Cadell was best known for his portrayal of Jeffrey Fairbrother in the classic British sitcom "Hi-de-Hi!" which ran from 1980 to 1988. He also appeared in numerous other television shows and films including "The Goodies", "Bergerac", and "Doctors and Nurses". In addition to his on-screen work, Cadell was a prolific voice actor, lending his voice to various commercials, television programs, and audiobooks. He was also a writer and director, having written and directed several stage productions. Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Cadell's life was tragically cut short when he passed away at the age of 45 due to cancer.

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Michael Standing

Michael Standing (June 19, 1939 London-December 1, 1984) also known as Michael Lionel Standing was a British actor and screenwriter.

Standing began his acting career in 1962 with a role in the film "The Wild and the Willing". He went on to appear in a number of successful films and television series throughout the 1960s and 1970s, including "The Saint", "The Avengers", and "Doctor Who". Standing was also a talented screenwriter, and contributed to the scripts of several popular TV shows, including "The Onedin Line" and "Scorpion Tales". Despite his success, Standing struggled with alcoholism throughout his career and this ultimately contributed to his premature death at the age of 45.

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Henry Pettitt

Henry Pettitt (April 7, 1848-December 24, 1893 London) was a British actor.

He was born in London and began his career as an actor in the 1860s. Pettitt is best known for his work as a playwright, with several of his plays achieving great success in London's West End. Some of his most well-known works include "The Harbour Lights," "The Walls of Jericho," and "Sowing the Wind." In addition to his work as a playwright and actor, Pettitt also served as a theater manager and producer. He passed away in London in 1893, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most successful playwrights of his time.

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Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd (July 4, 1931 Glengormley-June 2, 1977 Northridge) also known as William Millar or Dimples was a British actor.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

Stephen Boyd began his acting career in Ireland and later moved to England to pursue further opportunities. He gained fame in Hollywood in the 1950s and 1960s, appearing in prominent films such as "Ben-Hur" (1959), "The Fall of the Roman Empire" (1964), and "Fantastic Voyage" (1966). Boyd also starred in several notable television series, including "The Man Who Never Was" (1966-67) and "Hawaii Five-O" (1971-72).

Boyd was often recognized for his striking blue eyes, rugged good looks, and intense screen presence. Despite his success, he struggled with personal demons throughout his life, including issues with alcohol and depression. Boyd was married twice but had no children. He passed away at the age of 45, leaving behind a legacy as one of Hollywood's most memorable leading men.

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Jeremy Sinden

Jeremy Sinden (June 14, 1950 London-May 29, 1996 London) a.k.a. J.A. Sinden or Jeremy Mahony Sinden was a British actor. He had two children, Kezia Sinden and Harriet Sinden.

He died in lung cancer.

Jeremy Sinden was born in London, England, to a family of renowned actors. His father, Sir Donald Sinden, was a well-known actor, and his mother, Diana Mahony, was an actress and theatre director. Jeremy followed in his family's footsteps and began his acting career in the mid-1970s.

He appeared in numerous stage productions, as well as film and television. Some of his notable roles include Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night, Beria in Red Monarch, and Richard Greatham in the TV series "Agatha Christie's Poirot".

In addition to his acting career, Sinden was also involved in politics. He was a member of the Conservative Party and stood as a candidate in the 1987 general election.

Despite his success, Sinden's life was tragically cut short by lung cancer. He passed away in 1996 at the age of 45.

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