British actors died in 1950

Here are 4 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1950:

Joe Yule

Joe Yule (April 30, 1892 Polmadie-March 30, 1950 Hollywood) also known as Ninnian Joseph Ewell, Ninnian Joseph Yule, Joseph Yule, Joseph Ninian Yule, Joe Sr., Joe Yule Sr., Ninian Joseph Ewell or Joseph "Joe" Yule was a British actor, comedian, vaudeville performer, soldier and character actor. His child is called Mickey Rooney.

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Claude Bailey

Claude Bailey (November 19, 1895 London-June 1, 1950 Ealing) was a British actor.

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Anthony Holles

Anthony Holles (January 17, 1901 London-March 4, 1950 London) otherwise known as Antony Holles or Tony Holles was a British actor.

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Franklin Dyall

Franklin Dyall (February 3, 1870 Liverpool-May 8, 1950 Worthing) a.k.a. Franklyn Dyall was a British actor, film producer and film director. He had one child, Valentine Dyall.

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