British actors died in 1965

Here are 10 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1965:

Charles Victor

Charles Victor (February 10, 1896 Southport-December 23, 1965 Putney) also known as Charles Victor Harvey was a British actor and dancer.

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Richard Dimbleby

Richard Dimbleby (May 25, 1913 Richmond, London-December 22, 1965 St Thomas' Hospital) a.k.a. Frederick Richard Dimbleby or Richard. Dimbleby was a British journalist, broadcaster and actor. He had four children, David Dimbleby, Jonathan Dimbleby, Nicholas Dimbleby and Sally Dimbleby.

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Alex Mackenzie

Alex Mackenzie (November 27, 1885 Glasgow-December 1, 1965 Glasgow) was a British actor and teacher.

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Trevor Reid

Trevor Reid (January 25, 1908 Liverpool-April 19, 1965 London) was a British actor.

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Reginald Beckwith

Reginald Beckwith (November 2, 1908 York-June 26, 1965 Bourne End) a.k.a. William Reginald Beckwith was a British actor, playwright, critic and screenwriter.

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Ernest Butcher

Ernest Butcher (April 7, 1885 Burnley-June 8, 1965 London) a.k.a. Edward Ernest Butcher was a British actor.

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Stewart Rome

Stewart Rome (January 30, 1886 Newbury-February 26, 1965 Newbury) also known as Septimus Wemham Ryott, Wernham Ryott or Wernham Ryott Gifford was a British actor, screenwriter and writer.

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John Deverell

John Deverell (May 30, 1880 London-March 2, 1965 Haywards Heath) was a British actor.

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Henry Travers

Henry Travers (March 5, 1874 Prudhoe-October 18, 1965 Hollywood) also known as Travers Heagerty or Travers John Heagerty was a British actor.

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Douglas Payne

Douglas Payne (November 27, 1875 United Kingdom-August 3, 1965 London) was a British actor.

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