British actors died in 1976

Here are 17 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1976:

Alastair Sim

Alastair Sim (October 9, 1900 Edinburgh-August 19, 1976 London) also known as Alastair George Bell Sim, Alistair Sim or Alastair George Bell Sim, CBE was a British actor, laborer, clerk, teacher and film director. He had one child, Merlith McKendrick.

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Carol Reed

Carol Reed (December 30, 1906 Putney-April 25, 1976 Chelsea) a.k.a. Sir Carol Reed was a British film director, film producer, screenwriter and actor. He had one child, Max Reed.

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Stanley Baker

Stanley Baker (February 28, 1928 Ferndale-June 28, 1976 Málaga) also known as William Stanley Baker, Stan, Sir Stanley Baker or Sir William Stanley Baker was a British actor, film producer and soldier. He had four children, Glyn Baker, Adam Baker, Martin Baker and Sally Baker.

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Rupert Davies

Rupert Davies (May 22, 1916 Liverpool-November 22, 1976 London) was a British actor. He had two children, Timothy Davies and Hogan Davies.

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Ronald Radd

Ronald Radd (January 22, 1929 Ryhope-April 23, 1976 Toronto) was a British actor.

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Michael Goodliffe

Michael Goodliffe (October 1, 1914 Bebington-March 20, 1976 Wimbledon) also known as Lawrence Michael Andrew Goodliffe was a British actor.

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Peter Madden

Peter Madden (August 9, 1904 Ipoh-February 24, 1976 Bognor Regis) also known as Dudley Frederick Peter B Madden was a British actor.

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Friedrich Hollaender

Friedrich Hollaender (October 18, 1896 London-January 18, 1976 Munich) a.k.a. Frederick Hollander, Friedrich Holländer or Frederik Hollander was a British film score composer, composer, film director, actor, writer and author. He had two children, Melody Hollaender and Philine Hollaender.

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William Mervyn

William Mervyn (January 3, 1912 Nairobi-August 6, 1976 London) otherwise known as Bill Mervyn, William Mervyn Pickwoad or Mr. William Mervyn was a British actor. He had three children, Michael Pickwoad, Richard Pickwoad and Nicholas Pickwoad.

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David Hutcheson

David Hutcheson (June 14, 1905 Isle of Bute-February 18, 1976 London) also known as Dave Hutcheson was a British actor.

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Roger Livesey

Roger Livesey (June 25, 1906 Barry, Vale of Glamorgan-February 4, 1976 Watford) was a British actor.

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Jack Lambert

Jack Lambert (December 29, 1899 Ardrossan-March 13, 1976 Wandsworth) also known as John Lambert was a British actor.

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Sid James

Sid James (May 8, 1913 Hillbrow-April 26, 1976 Sunderland) also known as Joel Solomon Cohen, Sidney Joel Cohen, Sidney James, Sydney James, Solomon Joel Cohen, King of Carry On or One take James was a British actor, comedian and hairdresser. He had three children, Reina James, Sue James and Steve James.

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Mackenzie Ward

Mackenzie Ward (February 20, 1903 Eastbourne-January 1, 1976 Brighton) a.k.a. Rupert John Mackenzie Ward or MacKenzie Ward was a British actor.

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Hugh Miller

Hugh Miller (May 22, 1889 Berwick-upon-Tweed-November 27, 1976 London) a.k.a. Hugh Lorimer Miller was a British actor.

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Rex O'Malley

Rex O'Malley (January 2, 1901 London-May 1, 1976 New York City) a.k.a. Sean Rex Patrick O'Malley was a British actor.

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Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews (February 20, 1895 London-November 27, 1976 Maidenhead) was a British actor.

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