British actors died in 1978

Here are 21 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1978:

Jack Hulbert

Jack Hulbert (April 24, 1892 Ely, Cambridgeshire-March 25, 1978 Westminster) also known as John Norman Hulbert or John Norman "Jack" Hulbert was a British actor and screenwriter.

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Ray Noble

Ray Noble (December 17, 1903 Brighton-April 3, 1978 London) otherwise known as Ray Nobel or Noble, Ray was a British composer, bandleader and actor.

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Ronnie Waldman

Ronnie Waldman (May 13, 1914 London-March 10, 1978) also known as Ronald Hartley Waldman or Ronald Waldman was a British actor and television producer.

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Wilfred Pickles

Wilfred Pickles (October 13, 1904 Halifax-March 26, 1978) was a British actor.

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Carleton Hobbs

Carleton Hobbs (June 18, 1898 Farnborough-July 31, 1978 London) was a British actor.

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Edgar Lustgarten

Edgar Lustgarten (May 3, 1907 Manchester-December 15, 1978 Marylebone) also known as Brent Wood, Edgar Marcus Lustgarte or Edgar Marcus Lustgarten was a British writer, journalist and actor.

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Jack Jackson

Jack Jackson (February 20, 1906 Belvedere, London-January 15, 1978 Rickmansworth) otherwise known as Mr. Jack Jackson was a British bandleader, trumpeter, composer, disc jockey and actor.

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Jack Woolgar

Jack Woolgar (September 15, 1913 Thames Ditton-July 14, 1978 Huddersfield) was a British actor.

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Austin Trevor

Austin Trevor (October 7, 1897 Belfast-January 22, 1978 Bury St Edmunds) also known as Claude Austin Trevor, Auston Trevor or Austen Trevor was a British actor.

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Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson (November 22, 1897 London-September 6, 1978 Woodland Hills) was a British actor and character actor.

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Philip Ray

Philip Ray (November 1, 1898 London-April 1, 1978 London) also known as Roy Edgar Ray or Phil Ray was a British actor.

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Ronald Ward

Ronald Ward (April 15, 1901 Eastbourne-March 31, 1978 London) a.k.a. Ronald William Ward was a British actor. He had one child, Theo Ward.

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Brian Worth

Brian Worth (July 30, 1914 London-August 25, 1978) was a British actor.

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Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw (August 9, 1927 Westhoughton-August 28, 1978 Toormakeady) also known as Robert Archibald Shaw was a British actor, novelist, screenwriter and teacher. He had ten children, Ian Shaw, Hannah Shaw, Colin Murray Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Deborah Shaw, Penny Shaw, Rachel Shaw, Katherine Shaw, Thomas Shaw and Charles Shaw.

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Clifford McLaglen

Clifford McLaglen (June 15, 1892 Stepney-September 9, 1978 Huddersfield) also known as Cliff McLaglen or Clifford Henrich McLaglen was a British actor.

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Basil Dean

Basil Dean (September 27, 1888 Croydon-April 22, 1978 Westminster) otherwise known as Basil Herbert Dean or Basil Herbert Dean CBE was a British screenwriter, film director, film producer, writer, actor, theatrical producer and theatre director. He had one child, Winton Dean.

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Richard Dolman

Richard Dolman (November 30, 1895 London-February 3, 1978 Englefield) was a British actor.

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Arthur Brough

Arthur Brough (February 26, 1905 Petersfield-May 28, 1978 Folkestone) also known as Frederick Arthur Baker was a British actor. His child is called Joanna Hutton.

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Duncan Lamont

Duncan Lamont (June 17, 1918 Lisbon-December 18, 1978 Royal Tunbridge Wells) otherwise known as Duncan William Ferguson Lamont was a British actor.

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Derrick De Marney

Derrick De Marney (September 21, 1906 London-February 18, 1978 London) also known as Derrick deMarney or Derrick de Marney was a British actor and film producer.

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Keith Moon

Keith Moon (August 23, 1946 Wembley-September 7, 1978 Westminster) also known as Moon The Loon, Moon, Keith, Keith John Moon, The Who or Nobby was a British drummer, musician, record producer, songwriter, composer, actor and model. He had one child, Amanda Jane Moon DeWolf.

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