British movie actors deceased in Colorectal cancer

Here are 7 famous actors from United Kingdom died in Colorectal cancer:

Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb (December 22, 1949 Douglas-May 20, 2012 London) also known as ROBIN GIBB, Robin Hugh Gibb, Robin or Robin Hugh Gibb, CBE was a British singer, songwriter, composer, actor, musician, record producer and film score composer. He had four children, Spencer Gibb, Melissa Gibb, Robin-John Gibb and Snow Evelyn Robin Juliet Gibb.

He was best known as a member of the Bee Gees, a band he formed with his brothers, Maurice and Barry Gibb. The group is one of the best-selling bands in history, with hits such as "Stayin' Alive," "How Deep is Your Love," and "Night Fever".

Robin Gibb's solo career also included numerous hit songs and albums, including "Saved by the Bell," "Juliet," and "Like a Fool." In addition to music, Gibb was also an advocate for various charities, including those that supported children's hospitals and research for cancer and leukemia.

Gibb's legacy in music continues to influence generations of musicians across many genres, and he is remembered as a talented and prolific artist who helped shape the sound of popular music in the 20th century.

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Roger Livesey

Roger Livesey (June 25, 1906 Barry, Vale of Glamorgan-February 4, 1976 Watford) was a British actor.

He started his career with the stage and later transitioned to films, where he became a well-known name. Livesey's acting skills were noted for their versatility and depth, and he gained acclaim for his performances in a variety of roles. One of his most notable performances was in the film "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp" (1943), where he played the lead role of Clive Candy, and received widespread critical acclaim. He also starred in other well-known films such as "I Know Where I'm Going!" (1945) and "The Entertainer" (1960). Livesey continued to act in films and theatre until his death in 1976.

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Derek Meddings

Derek Meddings (January 15, 1931 London-September 10, 1995 London) was a British actor and special effects designer.

He is best known for his work as a special effects designer on several James Bond films, including "Thunderball," "You Only Live Twice," and "Live and Let Die." Meddings was also known for his work on the popular British sci-fi TV series "Thunderbirds," where he designed and directed the special effects.

Meddings began his career in the industry as a teenager, when he worked as an apprentice model maker at Pinewood Studios. Over the years, he became an accomplished special effects designer and worked on a variety of films, including "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope," "Superman," and "Alien."

In addition to his work in film and television, Meddings was also a talented artist and illustrator. He worked on several books, including "The James Bond Film Posters" and "The Star Wars Sketchbook."

His contributions to the film and TV industry were recognized with several awards, including a BAFTA award for Best Visual Effects in "Superman" and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Visual Effects Society. Meddings passed away in 1995 due to lung cancer.

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Gerald du Maurier

Gerald du Maurier (March 26, 1873 London-April 11, 1934 London) also known as Gerald Hubert Edward Busson du Maurier, Sir Gerald Hubert Edward Busson du Maurier or Sir Gerald Du Maurier was a British actor. His children are called Daphne du Maurier, Angela du Maurier and Jeanne du Maurier.

Gerald du Maurier was born into a creative family; his father was author and cartoonist George du Maurier, and his older brother was also a writer and artist. He began his career on stage in 1894 and garnered critical acclaim for his roles in productions like "Peter Pan" and "Trilby." Du Maurier was also a successful director and producer, often working with his close friend, playwright J.M. Barrie. He was knighted in 1922 for his contributions to the arts. Du Maurier was married to actress Muriel Beaumont and they had three children together. His daughter, Daphne, became a celebrated author and wrote several novels that were later adapted into successful films, including "Rebecca" and "The Birds."

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Eric Porter

Eric Porter (April 8, 1928 Shepherd's Bush-May 15, 1995 London) also known as Eric Richard Porter or nm0692110 was a British actor.

He trained at RADA and began his career on stage. He gained popularity in the 1960s and 70s for his performances in films such as "The Pumpkin Eater" and "The Go-Between." He also had a successful career in British television, appearing in various series such as "The Forsyte Saga" and "Brideshead Revisited." Porter was known for his versatility and ability to portray complex and nuanced characters. He was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in the play "The Caretaker" and won a BAFTA award for his role in the TV series "The Edwardians." Porter died of colon cancer at the age of 67.

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Ken Jones

Ken Jones (February 20, 1930 Liverpool-February 13, 2014 Prescot) otherwise known as Kenneth Leon Jones was a British actor.

He was the son of a butcher and grew up in Liverpool, England. After serving in the Royal Navy, he studied at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama and embarked on a stage career.

Jones appeared in a number of films, including "Ryan's Daughter" and "The Elephant Man", but was primarily known for his work in television. He had recurring roles in several popular British series, including "Porridge" and "The Sweeney".

In addition to his acting career, Jones was also a theatre director and writer. He directed productions for the Royal Shakespeare Company and wrote a number of plays that were performed in the UK and abroad.

Jones passed away in 2014 at the age of 83.

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Anthony Forwood

Anthony Forwood (October 3, 1915 Weymouth, Dorset-May 18, 1988 London) otherwise known as Anthony Forward, Tony Forwood, Anthony "Tony" Forwood or Ernest Lytton Forwood was a British actor and talent manager. He had one child, Gareth Forwood.

Forwood began his career as an actor in the 1930s, making his film debut with a small role in the 1937 film, "The Frog". He went on to appear in several British films throughout the 1930s and 40s, including "The Saint in London" (1939) and "This England" (1941).

After serving in World War II, Forwood transitioned into talent management, representing several high-profile clients such as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Roddy McDowall. He played an integral role in the careers of many actors and actresses during his time as a talent manager, and is often credited with helping Elizabeth Taylor become one of the most successful actresses of all time.

Forwood remained a beloved figure in the entertainment industry throughout his life, known for his kindness and generosity towards others. He passed away in 1988 in London at the age of 72.

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