British movie actors deceased in Falling

Here are 1 famous actors from United Kingdom died in Falling:

Arnold Ridley

Arnold Ridley (January 7, 1896 Walcot, Bath-March 12, 1984 Hillingdon) also known as William Arnold Ridley was a British playwright, actor, military officer and teacher. He had one child, Nicolas Ridley.

Ridley was best known for his play "The Ghost Train," which premiered in 1923 and was later adapted into several films and television adaptations. As an actor, he appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout his career, including "Dad's Army," "The Proud Valley," and "The Wicked Lady."

During World War I, Ridley served in the British Army and was severely injured during the Battle of Somme, resulting in the amputation of one of his legs. Despite his injury, he continued to serve in the military throughout the war and was later awarded the Military Cross for his bravery.

After the war, Ridley became a school teacher and continued to write plays throughout his career. In addition to "The Ghost Train," he also wrote several other successful plays, including "The Wrecker," "Recipe for Murder," and "Double Death."

Ridley passed away in 1984 at the age of 88, leaving behind a legacy as a talented playwright, actor, and military hero.

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