British movie actors deceased in Testicular cancer

Here are 1 famous actors from United Kingdom died in Testicular cancer:

Richard Dimbleby

Richard Dimbleby (May 25, 1913 Richmond, London-December 22, 1965 St Thomas' Hospital) a.k.a. Frederick Richard Dimbleby or Richard. Dimbleby was a British journalist, broadcaster and actor. He had four children, David Dimbleby, Jonathan Dimbleby, Nicholas Dimbleby and Sally Dimbleby.

Dimbleby was one of the most recognized and respected voices of his time in the UK, known for his authoritative and engaging broadcasting style. He was the first person to ever broadcast live from Waterloo Station, and delivered the first televised coloring commentary in the country. He also covered major events such as the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. In addition to his work in journalism, Dimbleby was also an accomplished actor, having performed in several Shakespearean productions. He was widely admired for his career in the media, which spanned over three decades, and his legacy continues to be honored to this day.

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