British actresses born in 1940

Here are 12 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1940:

Penelope Keith

Penelope Keith (April 2, 1940 Sutton-) also known as Penelope Anne Constance Hatfield, Penelope Ann Constance H Keith, Penelope Keith CBE, Dame Penelope Anne Constance Keith or Dame Penelope Keith is a British actor.

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Louise Pajo

Louise Pajo (July 31, 1940 Hawke's Bay-) otherwise known as Louise Elizabeth Pajo, Teresa Pajo, Louise R. Pajo or Louise Elisabeth Pajo is a British actor.

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Brigit Forsyth

Brigit Forsyth (July 28, 1940 Edinburgh-) is a British actor. Her children are called Zoe Mills and Ben Mills.

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Caroline John

Caroline John (September 19, 1940 York-June 5, 2012 London) also known as Caroline Frances John was a British actor. She had three children, Tom Beevers, Daisy Beevers and Ben Beevers.

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Pauline Collins

Pauline Collins (September 3, 1940 Exmouth-) also known as Pauline Collins OBE or Pauline A. Collins is a British actor, teacher and author. She has four children, Nicholas Alderton, Kate Alderton, Louise Rohr and Richard Alderton.

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Angela Douglas

Angela Douglas (October 29, 1940 Gerrards Cross-) also known as Angela MacDonagh, Angela Josephine MacDonagh or Shrimp is a British actor, writer and journalist.

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Gloria Paul

Gloria Paul (February 28, 1940 London-) is a British actor, singer and dancer. She has one child, Jason Piccioni.

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Ann Bell

Ann Bell (April 29, 1940 Wallasey-) also known as Anne Bell is a British actor.

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Patricia Gage

Patricia Gage (March 3, 1940 Glasgow-January 31, 2010 Canada) a.k.a. Pat Gage was a British actor.

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Gillian Barge

Gillian Barge (May 27, 1940 Hastings-November 19, 2003 Ipswich) also known as Gillian Bargh was a British actor.

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Pat Thomson

Pat Thomson (September 7, 1940 London-April 19, 1992 Sydney) also known as Patricia Elizabeth Thomson or Pat Thompson was a British actor.

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Estelle Kohler

Estelle Kohler (March 28, 1940 South Africa-) is a British actor.

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