British actresses born in 1944

Here are 26 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1944:

Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson (September 26, 1944 Crosby-) also known as Anne Josephine Robinson or The Queen of Mean is a British presenter, journalist and actor. She has one child, Emma Wilson.

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Catherine Schell

Catherine Schell (July 17, 1944 Budapest-) otherwise known as Katherina Schell von Bauschlott, Katherina Freiin Schell von Bauschlott, Catherine von Schell, Katharina von Schell, Catherine Hays, Catherina von Schell or Katherina von Schell is a British actor.

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Gabrielle Drake

Gabrielle Drake (March 30, 1944 Lahore-) otherwise known as Drake, Gabrielle is a British actor.

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Frances de la Tour

Frances de la Tour (July 30, 1944 Bovingdon-) also known as Frances De La Tour is a British actor and voice actor.

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Faith Brown

Faith Brown (May 28, 1944 Liverpool-) is a British presenter, comedian, actor and singer.

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Pik-Sen Lim

Pik-Sen Lim (September 15, 1944 Penang-) is a British actor. Her child is called Sara Houghton.

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Isla Blair

Isla Blair (September 29, 1944 Bangalore-) otherwise known as Mrs. Glover is a British actor. Her child is called Jamie Glover.

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Valerie Van Ost

Valerie Van Ost (July 25, 1944 Berkhamsted-) also known as Valerie Ost is a British actor.

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Jane Lapotaire

Jane Lapotaire (December 26, 1944 Ipswich-) is a British actor and writer. She has one child, Rowan Joffé.

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Diane Fletcher

Diane Fletcher (April 17, 1944 Derby-) is a British actor. Her child is called Jamie Lawson.

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Mandy Rice-Davies

Mandy Rice-Davies (October 21, 1944 Pontyates-) also known as Marilyn Rice-Davies is a British actor and showgirl.

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Celia Bannerman

Celia Bannerman (June 3, 1944 Abingdon-) is a British actor, casting director and film producer.

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Felicity Palmer

Felicity Palmer (April 6, 1944 Cheltenham-) a.k.a. Palmer, Felicity, Dame Felicity Joan Palmer, Dame Felicity Joan Palmer, DBE, Felicity Joan Palmer or Dame Felicity Palmer is a British singer, teacher and actor.

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Susan Fleetwood

Susan Fleetwood (September 21, 1944 St Andrews-September 29, 1995 Salisbury) also known as Susan Maureen Fleetwood was a British actor.

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Petra Markham

Petra Markham (March 17, 1944 Prestbury-) is a British actor.

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Suzy Kendall

Suzy Kendall (January 1, 1944 Belper-) also known as Frieda Harrison, Freda A Harrison or Freida Harrison is a British actor, model and designer. Her child is called Elodie Harper.

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Dolly Read

Dolly Read (September 13, 1944 Bristol-) a.k.a. Dolly Martin, Margaret Read, Dolly Read Martin or Dolly Reed is a British actor and model.

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Vivien Heilbron

Vivien Heilbron (May 13, 1944 Glasgow-) is a British actor.

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Beth Morris

Beth Morris (March 12, 1944 Barry, Vale of Glamorgan-) is a British actor.

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Angharad Rees

Angharad Rees (July 16, 1944 Edgware-July 21, 2012 Knightsbridge) also known as Angharad Mary Rees, Lady McAlpine, Lady McAlpine CBE or Angharad Mary Rees, Lady McAlpine CBE was a British actor and jewelry designer. Her children are called Rhys William Cazenove and Linford James Cazenove.

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Geraldine Chaplin

Geraldine Chaplin (July 31, 1944 Santa Monica-) also known as Geraldine Leigh Chaplin or Géraldine Chaplin is a British actor. Her children are called Oona Chaplin and Shane Chaplin Saura.

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Myfanwy Talog

Myfanwy Talog (March 31, 1944 Caerwys-March 11, 1995 Buckinghamshire) otherwise known as Myfanwy Talog Williams was a British actor and teacher.

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Feri Cansel

Feri Cansel (July 7, 1944 Nicosia-September 2, 1983 İzmir) also known as Can-Sel was a British actor. Her child is called Zümrüt Cansel.

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Sara Kestelman

Sara Kestelman (May 12, 1944 London-) also known as Sarah Kestelman is a British actor.

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Rosemary Dexter

Rosemary Dexter (July 19, 1944 Quetta-September 8, 2010 Recanati) otherwise known as Rosemarie Dexter was a British actor.

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Jean Fergusson

Jean Fergusson (December 30, 1944 Wakefield-) is a British actor.

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