British actresses died at age 64

Here are 4 famous actresses from United Kingdom died at 64:

Mabel Philipson

Mabel Philipson (January 1, 1887 United Kingdom-January 8, 1951) was a British actor.

Mabel Philipson began her career in the theatre and later moved to film acting. She appeared in over 60 films and became known for her versatility in playing both dramatic and comedic roles. Her memorable performances include roles in "Hindle Wakes" (1927), "The Crooked Billet" (1929), and "The Lady Vanishes" (1938). She was also a successful stage actress and received critical acclaim for her roles in plays such as "The Second Mrs. Tanqueray" and "Lady Precious Stream." Aside from acting, she was active in social and political causes, including the suffragette movement.

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Siobhán McKenna

Siobhán McKenna (May 24, 1922 Belfast-November 16, 1986 Dublin) otherwise known as Siobhan McKenna, Siobhain Mac Cionnaith, Sioban McKenna, Siobhan Giollamhuire Mac Cionnaith or Siobhán Giollamhuire Nic Cionnaith was a British actor. She had one child, Donnacha O'Dea.

She died caused by lung cancer.

Siobhán McKenna was an acclaimed stage and screen actor, known for her powerful performances and deep commitment to her craft. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, she began her career in the theatre, working with the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and later with the Royal Shakespeare Company in England. McKenna was also a pioneer of Irish radio and television, featuring in a variety of programs that brought Irish culture to a wider audience. On film, she appeared in such classics as "Doctor Zhivago" and "King of Kings". Despite her success, she remained devoted to her roots and was a passionate supporter of Irish nationalism, campaigning tirelessly for the recognition of the Irish language and culture. Siobhán McKenna passed away in Dublin in 1986, leaving behind a legacy as one of Ireland's greatest and most respected actors.

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Marjorie Fielding

Marjorie Fielding (February 17, 1892 Gloucester-December 28, 1956 London) also known as Majorie Fielding was a British actor.

She began her career in the theatre, working with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and later transitioned to film. Fielding appeared in over 40 films throughout her career, including "The Importance of Being Earnest" and "Great Expectations." She was known for her elegant and refined portrayals of aristocratic characters. In addition to her work on stage and screen, Fielding also appeared on radio and television programs. She continued to act until the end of her life, and her contributions to British theatre and film continue to be celebrated today.

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Helena Gloag

Helena Gloag (February 23, 1909 Scotland-June 15, 1973 United Kingdom) a.k.a. Helena Cloag was a British actor.

She was best known for her stage and television performances, appearing in productions such as "The Mousetrap" and "Doctor Who". Gloag began her acting career in the 1930s and went on to have a successful career in both theatre and television. She also appeared in several films, including "The Happiest Days of Your Life" and "The Ugly Duckling". In addition to her acting work, Gloag was a talented linguist and could speak several languages fluently, including German and Spanish. She continued to work in the entertainment industry until her death in 1973 at the age of 64.

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