British actresses died in 1996

Here are 12 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1996:

Beryl Reid

Beryl Reid (June 17, 1919 Hereford-October 13, 1996 South Bucks) also known as Beryl Elizabeth Reid or Beryl Elizabeth Reid, OBE was a British actor and comedian.

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Brenda Bruce

Brenda Bruce (July 7, 1918 Manchester-February 19, 1996 London) was a British actor.

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Winifred Shotter

Winifred Shotter (November 5, 1904 London-April 4, 1996 Redhill) also known as Winifred Florence Shotter was a British actor.

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Brenda Forbes

Brenda Forbes (January 14, 1909 London-September 11, 1996 New York City) also known as Brenda Evelyn Taylor was a British actor.

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Pamela Mason

Pamela Mason (March 10, 1916 Westgate-on-Sea-June 29, 1996 Beverly Hills) otherwise known as Pamela Ostrer or Pamela Kellino was a British screenwriter, actor and author. She had two children, Portland Mason and Morgan Mason.

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Evelyn Laye

Evelyn Laye (July 10, 1900 Bloomsbury-February 17, 1996 London) also known as Elsie Evelyn Lay or evelyn_laye was a British actor.

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Colleen Clifford

Colleen Clifford (November 17, 1898 Taunton-April 7, 1996 Sydney) a.k.a. Eileen Margaret or Irene Margaret Blackford was a British actor.

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Jane Baxter

Jane Baxter (September 9, 1909 Bremen-September 13, 1996 London) a.k.a. Feodora Forde, jane_baxter, Fedora Kathleen Alice Forde, Feodora or Feodora Kathleen Alice Forde was a British actor. She had one child, Sylvia Montgomery.

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Margaret Rawlings

Margaret Rawlings (June 5, 1906 Osaka-May 19, 1996 Wendover) was a British actor.

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Joan Sterndale-Bennett

Joan Sterndale-Bennett (March 5, 1914 London-March 27, 1996 Hayling Island) also known as Joan Sterndale Bennet or Joan Sterndale Bennett was a British actor.

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Ruby Murray

Ruby Murray (March 29, 1935 Belfast-December 17, 1996 Torquay) also known as Murray, Ruby was a British singer and actor.

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Patsy Smart

Patsy Smart (August 14, 1918 Chingford-February 6, 1996 Northwood, London) a.k.a. Patricia Doris Smart was a British actor.

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