British movie actresses deceased in Bone cancer

Here are 1 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in Bone cancer:

Sally Farmiloe

Sally Farmiloe (July 14, 1954 Cape Town-July 28, 2014 London) a.k.a. Sally Farmiloe-Neville, Sals or Sarah Farmiloe was a British actor.

She is known for her appearances in TV shows like "The Gentle Touch," "Howard's Way," and "Absolutely Fabulous." Farmiloe began her career in entertainment as a dancer, working in West End shows before moving into acting. She later became a successful author and wrote a memoir titled "My Left Boob," chronicling her battle with breast cancer. Farmiloe was also an avid campaigner for animal rights and worked with various organizations to promote animal welfare. Despite facing many health challenges throughout her life, she continued to work in the entertainment industry until her passing in 2014.

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