British movie actresses deceased in Cerebral contusion

Here are 1 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in Cerebral contusion:

Primula Susan Rollo

Primula Susan Rollo (February 18, 1918 London-May 21, 1946 Beverly Hills) also known as Primula Rollo or Primmie was a British actor. Her children are called David Niven and Jamie Niven.

Primula Susan Rollo, commonly known as Primmie, began her acting career with minor roles in British films in the 1930s. She caught the eye of producer Samuel Goldwyn, who brought her to the United States in 1940. In Hollywood, she appeared in a handful of films, including "The Great Profile" and "The Perfect Snob."

During her time in America, Primmie met and married David Niven, with whom she had two sons, David Jr. and Jamie. Tragically, her life was cut short in 1946 when she died in a household accident at the age of 28. Her death was a devastating blow to David, who would go on to become a successful actor in his own right.

Following her untimely death in 1946, Primmie's memory was kept alive by her husband and children. David Niven would frequently speak of her in interviews, even dedicating his 1975 memoir, "The Moon's a Balloon," to her. Primmie's sons also followed in their parents' footsteps, with Jamie becoming a successful art dealer and David Jr. pursuing a career in film producing. In recent years, there has been renewed interest in Primmie's life and career, with biographers and film historians examining her contributions to the industry and her lasting impact on those who knew her.

Though she had a short career in Hollywood, Primula Rollo showed great promise as an actor. Her talent and charm were noted by many, including her husband, David Niven, who credited her with helping him through the early stages of his own career. Primmie's legacy has also been preserved through her son's works, with David Jr. dedicating the 2005 film "Separate Lies" to her memory. Today, Primula Susan Rollo is remembered not only for her brief but memorable stint in Hollywood, but also for her enduring impact on the lives of those who knew and loved her.

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