British movie actresses deceased in Emphysema

Here are 2 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in Emphysema:

Jackie Forster

Jackie Forster (November 6, 1926 Islington-October 10, 1998 London) otherwise known as Jacqueline Mackenzie, Jackie Forster or Jacqueline Moir Mackenzie was a British presenter, actor and journalist.

Forster started her career in radio broadcasting, working as a presenter for the British Forces Broadcasting Service during World War II. After the war, she moved into television, hosting a variety of programs including the popular daytime show "Houseparty". She was also an accomplished stage actress, performing in productions such as "The Sound of Music" and "The Vagina Monologues".

Forster was a pioneering figure in the British LGBT community, publicly coming out as a lesbian in the late 1960s. She became a prominent activist and writer, advocating for LGBT rights and co-founding the Campaign for Homosexual Equality in 1964.

In addition to her work in entertainment and activism, Forster was a respected journalist and published several books, including an autobiography entitled "Forbidden Lives" which detailed her experience as a lesbian in mid-20th century Britain.

Forster passed away in 1998 after a battle with cancer. She is remembered as a fearless advocate for social justice and a trailblazer for LGBT rights in the UK.

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Edna Doré

Edna Doré (November 27, 2014 Bromley-April 11, 2014 Sussex) also known as Edna Dore, Edna Gorring or Edna L. Gorring was a British actor. She had one child, Michael S. Dore.

Edna Doré initially began her career as a stage actress, and later transitioned into television and film. She appeared in several popular British television shows, including Coronation Street, Casualty, and Doctor Who. Doré is perhaps best known for her role as Mo Butcher in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, which she played from 1988 to 1990. Her film credits include The Elephant Man, Nil by Mouth, and The Anniversary. In 2004, Doré was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Soap Awards for her contributions to the soap opera genre. She passed away at the age of 92.

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