British music stars born in 1946

Here are 50 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1946:

Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb (September 1, 1946 Douglas-) also known as Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, barry_gibb, Barry, Johnny Hayes or Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, CBE is a British singer, record producer, singer-songwriter, guitarist, songwriter, musician, actor and screenwriter. He has five children, Ashley Gibb, Travis Gibb, Michael Gibb, Alexandra Gibb and Steve Gibb.

His albums include Now Voyager, Guilty, Guilty, What Kind of Fool, Hawks, The Eaten Alive Demos and Moonlight Madness. Genres he performed include Rock music, Disco, Pop music, Country, Pop rock, Adult contemporary music, Soft rock, Blue-eyed soul, Funk, Baroque pop and Psychedelic rock.

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Uri Geller

Uri Geller (December 20, 1946 Tel Aviv-) also known as Uri Gellar, Yuri Geller, Yuri Gerâ or Geller Uri is a British magician, psychic, film producer and actor. He has two children, Natalie Geller and Daniel Geller.

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Christopher Hampton

Christopher Hampton (January 26, 1946 Faial Island-) otherwise known as Christopher James Hampton or Christopher James Hampton, CBE, FRSL is a British screenwriter, playwright, lyricist, film director and film producer.

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Doc Cox

Doc Cox (July 1, 1946 Sheffield-) a.k.a. Ivor Biggun, Ivor Biggun & The D. Kups or Biggun, Ivor & D. Kups, The is a British , .

His most recognized albums: More Filth! Dirt Cheap, The Fruity Bits Of....., Bras on 45 / Are Mice Electric, More Fruity Bits! The Rest of Ivor Biggun and Handling Swollen Goods.

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Derek Griffiths

Derek Griffiths (July 15, 1946 Woking-) a.k.a. Griffiths, Derek is a British actor, voice actor, singer and comedian.

His albums include Bod: Words & Music.

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John Du Prez

John Du Prez (December 14, 1946 Sheffield-) also known as Trevor Jones or John DuPrez is a British composer, conductor, musician, film score composer, actor, songwriter and music arranger.

His albums include Monty Python's Spamalot. Genres he performed: Salsa music, Pop music and Classical music.

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John Loder

John Loder (April 7, 1946 Plymouth-August 12, 2005 London) also known as Loder, John was a British electrical engineer, engineer, record producer and audio engineer.

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Karen Young

Karen Young (January 1, 1946 Sheffield-March 1, 1991) was a British singer.

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Luan Peters

Luan Peters (June 18, 1946 Bethnal Green-) also known as Carol Hirsch, Delilah Jackson or Karol Keyes is a British actor and singer.

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Clive Calder

Clive Calder (December 13, 1946 Johannesburg-) is a British businessperson and record producer. His child is called Keith Calder.

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B. J. Cole

B. J. Cole (June 17, 1946 Enfield Town-) also known as B.J. Cole or B.J. is a British guitarist.

Discography: Drum 'n' Bass 'n' Steel, Spring Collection, Stop the Panic, The Heart of the Moment, Trouble in Paradise, 1982 + BJ Cole and Apollo. His related genres: Jazz.

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Phil Wainman

Phil Wainman (June 7, 1946 London-) also known as Wainman, Phil is a British record producer.

Genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren (January 22, 1946 Stoke Newington-April 8, 2010 Bellinzona) otherwise known as Malcom McLaren, McLaren, McLaren, Malcolm or Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren was a British entrepreneur, musician, talent manager, film score composer, singer-songwriter, impresario, visual artist and fashion designer. He had one child, Joseph Corré.

Discography: Buffalo Girls, Buffalo Gals Stampede, Madam Butterfly, Malcolm McLaren's Paris starring Catherine Deneuve, Fans, Swamp Thing, Duck Rock, Paris, Double Dutch and Buffalo Gals Back to Skool. Genres he performed include Punk rock, New Wave, Rock music, Rock and roll, Hip hop music and Dance music.

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Tony Ashton

Tony Ashton (March 1, 1946 Blackpool-May 21, 2001 London) a.k.a. Ashton, Tony was a British keyboard player and record producer.

His albums: First of the Big Bands and First of the Big Bands – BBC Live in Concert 1974. Genres he performed: Rock music.

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David G. Walker

David G. Walker (December 24, 1946 Hastings-) is a British singer.

Genres he performed include Christian music, Pop music and Rock and roll.

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Tony Clarkin

Tony Clarkin (November 24, 1946-) a.k.a. Clarkin, Tony is a British , .

Genres: Hard rock, Blues rock and Pop rock.

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John Watson

John Watson (May 4, 1946 Belfast-) is a British race car driver.

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Dave Holland

Dave Holland (October 1, 1946 Wolverhampton-) otherwise known as Holland, Dave is a British bassist, composer, bandleader and musician.

His albums include 1994-06-03: Moers, Germany, Ones All, Selected Recordings, Conference of the Birds, Overtime, Critical Mass, Parallel Realities Live..., Extended Play: Live at Birdland, Where Fortune Smiles and Not for Nothin'. Genres he performed: Jazz, Avant-garde and Jazz fusion.

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Peter Green

Peter Green (October 29, 1946 Bethnal Green-) also known as Green, Peter or Peter Allen Greenbaum is a British guitarist, musician and songwriter.

His most well known albums: In the Skies, Whatcha Gonna Do?, Kolors, White Sky, The Very Best of Peter Green, Man of the World - The Anthology 1968-1988, Green & Guitar: The Best of Peter Green 1977-81, Little Dreamer, The Anthology and The End of the Game. Genres related to him: Rock music, Blues rock, Blues and Hard rock.

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Marsha A. Hunt

Marsha A. Hunt (April 15, 1946 Philadelphia-) also known as Marsha Hunt is a British novelist, singer, musician, actor and model. Her child is called Karis Jagger.

Related albums: Walk on Gilded Splinters and Woman Child.

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Peter Daltrey

Peter Daltrey (March 25, 1946 United Kingdom-) a.k.a. Daltrey, Peter is a British , .

His albums include The Journey.

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Iris Williams

Iris Williams (April 20, 1946 Pontypridd-) also known as Williams, Iris is a British singer.

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Neville Holder

Neville Holder (June 15, 1946 Walsall-) a.k.a. Noddy Holder, Holder, Noddy, Neville John Holder, Noddy Holder MBE, Neville John "Noddy" Holder MBE, The Real Noddy Holder or Slade is a British singer, singer-songwriter, musician, actor, writer, broadcaster, voice actor and presenter. He has three children, Jessica Holder, Charisse Holder and Django Holder.

Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal, Glam metal and Glam rock.

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Humphrey Carpenter

Humphrey Carpenter (April 12, 1946 Oxford-January 4, 2005) a.k.a. Humphrey William Bouverie Carpenter was a British writer.

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Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull (December 29, 1946 Hampstead-) also known as Marianne Faithful, Marian Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull, MF, Marianne Evelyn Faithfull or Marian Evelyn Faithfull is a British singer, songwriter and actor. Her child is Nicholas Dunbar.

Her albums: As Tears Go By / Greensleeves, Broken English, Faithfull, Vagabond Ways, Before the Poison, 20th Century Blues, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Marianne Faithfull, A Collection of Her Best Recordings, A Perfect Stranger: The Island Anthology and A Stranger on Earth: An Introduction to Marianne Faithfull. Genres she performed: Folk music, Pop music, Rock music, Blues and Jazz.

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Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling (February 5, 1946 Sturmer-) also known as The Legend, Tessa Charlotte Rampling, Charlotte Tessa Rampling, Charlotte Rampling, OBE, 샤롯 램플링 or 샬롯 램플링 is a British actor and model. Her children are called Barnaby Southcombe and David Jarre.

Her albums include Comme une femme.

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Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen (April 23, 1946 Matlock-) also known as Jeffrey Allen is a British drummer.

Genres he performed include Rock music and Blues.

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Tim Curry

Tim Curry (April 19, 1946 Grappenhall-) also known as Timothy James Curry, The Cheshire Cat, Timothy James "Tim" Curry or Tim is a British singer, actor, voice actor, composer and television producer.

His albums include The Best of Tim Curry, Read My Lips, Fearless, Simplicity, Live at the The Bottom Line, Working On My Tan and I Do The Rock.

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Murray Head

Murray Head (March 5, 1946 London-) also known as Murray Seafield Saint-George Head is a British singer, actor, film score composer and musician. He has two children, Katherine Head and Sophie Head.

His discography includes: Emotions, Greatest Hits, One Night in Bangkok, Nigel Lived, Say It Ain't So, Between Us, Voices, Find the Crowd, Shade and Restless. His related genres: New Wave and Rock music.

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Alan Gorrie

Alan Gorrie (July 19, 1946 Perth-) is a British keyboard player, bassist, musician, singer, guitarist and actor.

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Chick Churchill

Chick Churchill (January 2, 1946 Ilkeston-) a.k.a. Churchill, Chick is a British keyboard player.

Genres related to him: Rock music, Blues and Blues rock.

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Billy Kinsley

Billy Kinsley (November 28, 1946 Anfield, Liverpool-) is a British musician.

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Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin (December 14, 1946 Marylebone-) also known as Jane Mallory Birkin, Jane B., Mademoiselle Birkin or Jane Mallory Birkin, OBE is a British actor, singer, songwriter, film director and screenwriter. She has three children, Lou Doillon, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kate Barry.

Her most well known albums: Di doo dah, Lolita Go Home, Jane Birkin Au Bataclan, Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais (Live Casino de Paris), Jane B, Jane - Intégral Olympia (disc 1), Versions Jane, À la légère, Arabesque and Rendez-vous.

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Donovan (May 10, 1946 Maryhill-) also known as Donovon, Donavan, Danovan, Donovan Philips Leitch, Donovan Phillips Leitch, Donovan Leitch, Sr., Donovan or Donovan Leitch is a British singer, guitarist, lyricist, musician, record producer, composer, film score composer and songwriter. He has five children, Ione Skye, Donovan Leitch Jr., Astrella Celeste, Oriole Nebula and Julian Brian Jones.

His albums include 7-Tease, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Pied Piper, Slow Down World, The Essential Donovan, Love Is Only Feeling, Catch the Wind, Troubadour: The Definitive Collection 1964-1976, 25 Years in Concert: The Classics Live and Super Hits. His related genres: Folk rock, Psychedelic pop, British Invasion and Psychedelic folk.

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Alun Armstrong

Alun Armstrong (July 17, 1946 Annfield Plain-) a.k.a. Alan Armstrong is a British actor. His children are called Joe Armstrong, Tom Armstrong and Dan Armstrong.

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Alison Steadman

Alison Steadman (August 26, 1946 Liverpool-) a.k.a. Alison Steadman, OBE is a British actor and voice actor. Her children are Toby Leigh and Leo Leigh.

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Amanda Lear

Amanda Lear (November 18, 1946 Ho Chi Minh City-) a.k.a. Amadar Lear, Amada Lear, Lear Amanda, Peki d'Oslo, Alain Tapp or Amanda Tapp is a British singer, actor and model.

Her albums: Super 20, Angel Love, Back in Your Arms, Made of Blood & Honey, Je t'aime, Love Boat, Living Legend, Paris by Night, Sings Evergreens and The Sphinx. Genres related to her: Jazz, Pop music, Rock music, Disco, New Wave, Dance-pop, Dance music, Euro disco, Italo disco and Eurodance.

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Johnny Coppin

Johnny Coppin (April 5, 1946 South Woodford-) also known as Coppin, Johnny is a British , .

His most recognized albums: Roll On Dreamer, No Going Back, Get Lucky, The Winding Stair, Breaking The Silence, English Morning, Line Of Blue and Edge of Day. Genres related to him: Folk music.

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Christopher Palmer

Christopher Palmer (September 9, 1946 Norfolk-January 22, 1995 London) also known as Christopher N. Palmer was a British composer, music arranger and orchestrator.

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Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury (September 5, 1946 Stone Town-November 24, 1991 Kensington) a.k.a. Farrokh Bulsara, Larry Lurex, Freddy Mercury, Farrokh Bomi Bulsara, Freddie or Frederick Bulsara was a British organist, keyboard player, pianist, record producer, singer-songwriter, singer and musician.

Discography: The Very Best, Remixes, In My Defence, Living on My Own, The Great Pretender, The Freddie Mercury Album, Mr. Bad Guy, The Solo Collection, Time and The Great Pretender. Genres he performed: Pop music, Rockabilly, Rock music, Hard rock, Pop rock, Progressive rock, Heavy metal and Glam rock.

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Brian Cox

Brian Cox (June 1, 1946 Dundee-) a.k.a. Brian Denis Cox, Brian Denis Cox, CBE or Brian Cox CBE is a British actor, voice actor and theatre director. He has four children, Alan Cox, Margaret Cox, Torin Kamran Charles Cox and Orson Cox.

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Peter Karrie

Peter Karrie (August 10, 1946 Vale of Glamorgan-) is a British singer.

Discography: Theatrically Yours and Unmasked.

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Wynford Evans

Wynford Evans (April 30, 1946 Swansea-) is a British singer.

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Bibs Ekkel

Bibs Ekkel (January 11, 1946 Brighton-) is a British author, songwriter, composer, bandleader and singer.

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Julie Covington

Julie Covington (September 11, 1946 London-) a.k.a. Julie Coventon is a British singer and actor.

Discography: Julie Covington... Plus, Only Women Bleed, The Beautiful Changes and Don't Cry to Me Argentina. Genres: Pop music.

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Trevor Pinnock

Trevor Pinnock (December 16, 1946 Canterbury-) a.k.a. Trevor David Pinnock or Pinnock, Trevor is a British harpsichordist and conductor.

His albums: Baroque Masterpieces for Harpsichord, Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 1, 3, 5, Vivaldi: Stravaganza - 55 Concertos, , Best of Baroque, Volume II, 6 Brandenburg Concertos / 4 Orchestral Suites, Suiten, Dido and Aeneas, Concerti Grossi, op. 6 nos. 1-4 and Water Music.

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Hot Thumbs O'Riley

Hot Thumbs O'Riley (January 27, 1946 London-) also known as James Francis (Jim) Pembroke, Jim Kowalszkij, James Francis Pembroke or Hot Thumbs O'Riley is a British singer.

His most important albums: Pigworm, Party Upstairs, Corporal Cauliflowers Mental Function, Wicked Ivory, Semi-Circle Solitude / Cherry Cup-Cake Twist, Hey, Hey, Hey / Shivers of Pleasure, Call Me on Your Telephone / Only Dreaming and .

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Digby Fairweather

Digby Fairweather (April 25, 1946 Rochford-) is a British , .

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Della Jones

Della Jones (April 13, 1946 Tonna, Neath-) is a British singer and actor.

Her albums include The Barber of Seville, , , Arias and Symphony No. 2 / Sea Pictures.

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Ace Kefford

Ace Kefford (December 10, 1946 Moseley-) also known as Kefford, Ace, Chris 'Ace' Kefford or Chris Kefford is a British musician.

Genres he performed include Rock music.

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