Bulgarian movie stars born in 1944

Here are 5 famous actors from Bulgaria were born in 1944:

Harry Anichkin

Harry Anichkin (July 27, 1944 Bulgaria-) also known as Harry Anneachkin, Hari Anichkin, Anichkin Harry, Harry Aneachkin, Hary Anichkin or Haralampi Anichkin is a Bulgarian actor.

Anichkin graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1968. He has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, and theater productions in Bulgaria and internationally. Some of his most notable roles include playing Georgi Markov in the 1983 biopic "Requiem for a Secret Agent" and appearing in the 1992 film "The Last Tattoo" alongside Brendan Fraser. Anichkin has also worked as a director and producer, and he founded the International Film Festival in the Bulgarian city of Varna. He has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Order of Stara Planina in 2003 for his contributions to Bulgarian culture.

Ivan Grigorov

Ivan Grigorov (June 20, 1944 Montana Province-) is a Bulgarian actor.

He graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia in 1969. Grigorov immediately began his career as an actor at the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, where he worked until 1990. He has appeared in numerous Bulgarian films and television series, earning critical acclaim for his roles in "I am Slave of Love" and "The Hare Census". In addition to his acting career, Grigorov was also a member of the Bulgarian parliament from 1990 to 1991. He continues to act in films and on stage in Bulgaria.

Aco Georgiev

Aco Georgiev (December 28, 1944 Vratsa-February 6, 2012 Sofia) was a Bulgarian actor.

He began his career on stage as a member of the Bulgarian Army Theatre before transitioning to film and television. Aco Georgiev appeared in numerous Bulgarian films throughout his career, including "Dzift" and "Izgrevat na slunce". He was also known for his television work, having starred in the popular TV series "Pod prikritie". Georgiev was a respected and beloved figure in Bulgarian entertainment, having won multiple awards for his contributions to the industry. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 67.

Georgi Todorov

Georgi Todorov (February 10, 1944 Burgas-) otherwise known as George Todorov, George Todor, Guéorgui Todorov, Jozy or Georgy Todorovs is a Bulgarian production designer, costume designer, actor, set decorator and film art director.

He is best known for his work on films such as "The Inner Circle," "Brother 2," and "In the Beginning was the Music," among many others. Todorov received his education in Bulgaria and eventually moved to France, where he continued his career in the film industry. He has worked with notable directors and actors including Nikita Mikhalkov and Jeremy Irons. In addition to his film work, Todorov is also an accomplished artist and has exhibited his paintings and drawings in galleries around the world.

Kosta Bikov

Kosta Bikov (December 17, 1944 Rakitovo-) is a Bulgarian film director, screenwriter and actor.

He graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia and began his career as a screenwriter in the 1970s. He wrote the script for the critically acclaimed film "The Tied Up Balloon" (1967) directed by Tsocho Boyadjiev. In 1985, Bikov directed his first film "Corridor No. 8" which won him the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival.

Bikov went on to direct several other notable films including "Deserted Souls" (1989), "The Magnificent Seven" (1992) and "Zift" (2008). He is known for his distinct style and use of dark humor in his films.

Aside from film, Bikov has also acted in several productions including the Bulgarian TV series "Staklen Dom" and the film "Time of Violence" (1988).

Throughout his career, Bikov has won numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to Bulgarian cinema, and continues to inspire new generations of filmmakers in his home country and beyond.

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