Bulgarian movie stars died at 47

Here are 1 famous actors from Bulgaria died at 47:

Grigor Vachkov

Grigor Vachkov (May 26, 1932 Tranchovitsa-March 18, 1980 Sofia) a.k.a. Grigor Watschkov, Grigor Vatschkow, Mitko Bombata, Grigor Vachkov Grigorov, Григор Вачков or Grishata was a Bulgarian actor. He had one child, Martina Vachkova.

During his career, Grigor Vachkov acted in more than 60 films including "Balkan Is Not Dead" (1969), "Affairs" (1974) and "Dangerous Charm" (1978). He also played important roles in popular TV series such as "The Heresy of the Roses" (1975) and "Sales of Friendship" (1979). Vachkov was known for his versatility, being able to depict both comedic and serious characters with ease. In addition to acting, he was also a talented painter and poet. Vachkov's artistic work and contributions to Bulgarian cinema and culture are still celebrated today.

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