Bulgarian movie stars died in 1994

Here are 2 famous actors from Bulgaria died in 1994:

Kiril Ilinchev

Kiril Ilinchev (August 12, 1921 Velingrad-November 9, 1994 Sofia) was a Bulgarian actor, film director and screenwriter.

He graduated from the State Academy of Theatrical Arts in Sofia in 1946 and went on to become one of the most prominent actors in Bulgaria during the post-World War II era. Ilinchev's film career spanned over four decades, during which he appeared in over 50 films, some of which were awarded at international festivals. He was also a prolific director and screenwriter, having directed and written scripts for more than 30 films. In addition to his film work, Ilinchev was also active in the theater world, appearing in many plays and serving as the artistic director of the Ivan Vazov National Theater in Sofia for several years. He was honored with numerous awards for his contributions to Bulgarian culture, including the Order of Stara Planina, one of the highest Bulgarian state honors. Today, Kiril Ilinchev is widely regarded as one of Bulgaria's greatest actors and filmmakers of all time.

Ivan Tonev

Ivan Tonev (December 20, 1926 Haskovo-November 17, 1994 Sofia) also known as I. Tonev was a Bulgarian actor.

He was born in Haskovo, Bulgaria on December 20, 1926. Tonev graduated from the State Theatre School in Sofia in 1952 and went on to join the troupe at the current National Theatre "Ivan Vazov." He acted in over 100 Bulgarian films and theater productions, earning him several awards and recognition for his work. Tonev was known for his talent in portraying complex characters as well as his ability to bring humor and levity to any role. He passed away on November 17, 1994, in Sofia, leaving behind a lasting legacy in Bulgarian cinema and theatre.

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