Bulgarian movie stars died in 1976

Here are 1 famous actresses from Bulgaria died in 1976:

Elena Hranova

Elena Hranova (November 7, 1887 Ruse, Bulgaria-February 15, 1976 Sofia) was a Bulgarian actor.

Elena Hranova was a celebrated Bulgarian actor who had a prolific career in both theater and film. She started her acting journey in her local theater group in Ruse, Bulgaria and moved to Sofia in the early 1900s to pursue her passion for acting. Hranova became a household name in Bulgaria and beyond with her mesmerizing performances on stage and on-screen. She was awarded numerous honors and accolades for her contribution to Bulgarian cinema and theater.

Apart from her acting career, Hranova was also deeply involved in social causes and was an active member of several charitable organizations. During World War II, she provided refuge to several Jewish families and was recognized for her bravery and kindness by the Bulgarian Jewish community.

Even today, Hranova is remembered as one of the finest actors in Bulgarian history and her legacy continues to inspire new generations of actors and performers.

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