Cambodian music stars who deceased at age 65

Here are 3 famous musicians from Cambodia died at 65:

Dith Pran

Dith Pran (September 27, 1942 Siem Reap-March 30, 2008 New Brunswick) was a Cambodian photojournalist and photographer.

He died in pancreatic cancer.

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Sisowath Monivong

Sisowath Monivong (December 27, 1875 Phnom Penh-April 24, 1941 Phnom Penh) was a Cambodian personality. He had three children, Sisowath Kossamak, Sisowath Monireth and Sisowath Monipong.

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Vann Nath

Vann Nath (January 7, 1946 Battambang Province-September 5, 2011 Phnom Penh) was a Cambodian human rights activist, artist, writer, painter and visual artist.

He died as a result of chronic kidney disease.

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