Cambodian music stars who deceased at age 70

Here are 2 famous musicians from Cambodia died at 70:

Ponhea Yat

Ponhea Yat (April 5, 1393 Angkor-April 5, 1463) was a Cambodian personality.

He was the seventh king of the Khmer Empire and is remembered for his role in expanding the empire's territory, particularly into present-day Vietnam. During his rule, Ponhea Yat established diplomatic relationships with the Ming Dynasty in China and the Ayutthaya Kingdom in Thailand. He also set up a system for water management that helped to facilitate agricultural growth and economic stability throughout the region. Ponhea Yat is also known for his patronage of the arts, particularly in the construction of temples and other significant landmarks. He died on his seventieth birthday, leaving behind a legacy of cultural, economic, and political achievements.

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Norodom of Cambodia

Norodom of Cambodia (February 1, 1834 Angkor Borei District-April 24, 1904 Phnom Penh) also known as Norodom I or Prince Phirom Borirak was a Cambodian personality.

Norodom of Cambodia was the King of Cambodia from 1860 to 1904. He helped modernize Cambodia by establishing a centralized government, building roads, and improving infrastructure. Under his rule, Cambodia also adopted a constitution and established diplomatic relations with European countries. Norodom worked to maintain Cambodia's independence, playing a crucial role in the negotiations with the French during the colonial period. He was a patron of the arts and culture, and is credited with preserving many of Cambodia's historic temples and monuments. Despite facing numerous challenges during his reign, including rebellions and threats from neighboring powers, Norodom is remembered as one of the most influential figures in Cambodia's history.

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