Canadian actors who deceased at age 33

Here are 1 famous actors from Canada died at 33:


Test (March 17, 1975 Whitby-March 13, 2009 Tampa) also known as Andrew James Robert Patrick Martin, Andrew J. Martin, Andrew Martin, Andrew 'Test' Martin, Big Foot, Martin Kane, The Punisher or T.J. Thunder was a Canadian wrestler and actor.

He died as a result of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Test was born and raised in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, and had a passion for wrestling from a young age. After training with several wrestling schools, he made his wrestling debut in 1997 with the International Wrestling Association, and quickly gained popularity with his impressive size and athleticism. He eventually signed with the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1998, where he became a fan favorite and won several championships.

In addition to his wrestling career, Test also dabbled in acting, appearing in several films and television shows, including the movie "Ready to Rumble" and the TV series "Pacific Blue." However, his true passion remained wrestling, and he continued to perform and compete until his untimely death at age 33.

Test's death was a shock to the wrestling community, as he was still in his prime and had many years of wrestling ahead of him. It was later revealed that he had been suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated head trauma. Test's passing helped bring attention to the dangers of concussions and head injuries in sports, and the WWE has since implemented several safety measures to protect its wrestlers.

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