Canadian actors who deceased in 1958

Here are 1 famous actors from Canada died in 1958:

John Harvey Gahan

John Harvey Gahan (August 20, 1888 Orangeville-March 24, 1958 Los Angeles) a.k.a. John Harvey Gerald Gahan, John Harvey “Oscar” Gahan, Arvé, Oscar Gahan or O. Gahan was a Canadian violinist, actor and composer. He had two children, Roseanne Gahan and Pearl Marie Gahan.

Gahan began his career in the vaudeville circuit as a child performer and later trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He went on to perform in orchestras across Europe and eventually moved to Hollywood in the 1920s where he began composing music for films. Gahan's most notable works include the scores for "The Cat and the Canary" and "The Black Cat." He also appeared in several films as an actor and played the violin in numerous soundtracks. Despite his success in Hollywood, Gahan continued to perform in orchestras throughout his career and was known for his virtuosic performances. In addition to his musical career, Gahan was a noted collector of rare instruments and was known for his expertise in acoustic research.

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