Canadian actors who died due to Bowel obstruction

Here are 1 famous actors from Canada died in Bowel obstruction:

Ned Sparks

Ned Sparks (November 19, 1883 Guelph-April 3, 1957 Victorville) otherwise known as Edward Arthur Sparkman, Ned A. Sparks or Edward A. Sparkman was a Canadian actor and singer.

He was best known for his deadpan delivery and his ability to play sarcastic and sardonic characters in both silent and sound films. His career in show business spanned over 40 years and he appeared in more than 120 films, often as a supporting player. Sparks began his career in vaudeville and on Broadway before transitioning to silent films in the late 1910s. He continued to work in films throughout the 1930s and 1940s, and also made occasional appearances on radio and television. Despite his success on screen, Sparks was reportedly difficult to work with and had a reputation for being a curmudgeon. He retired from acting in the early 1950s and spent his remaining years living in California.

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