Canadian actresses who were born in 1938

Here are 5 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1938:

Anne Helm

Anne Helm (September 12, 1938 Toronto-) also known as Ann Helm, Anne Isabel Helm or Annie Helm is a Canadian actor, writer and illustrator. She has two children, Serena Viharo and Peter Sherlock.

Helm began her acting career in the late 1950s, appearing in various television shows and films. She gained popularity for her role in the 1960 film "Elmer Gantry" alongside Burt Lancaster and Shirley Jones. Helm continued to act throughout the 1960s, often appearing in romantic comedies and westerns.

In addition to her acting career, Helm is also a talented writer and illustrator. She has written and illustrated a number of books, including "The Story of Daphnis and Chloe" and "The Story of Romeo and Juliet". Helm is also a skilled painter, and her work has been exhibited in galleries across North America.

Throughout her career, Helm has been recognized for her contributions to the arts. In 2005, she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal for her achievements as an actor and author. Today, Helm continues to live in Canada and remains active in the creative arts community.

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Martha Henry

Martha Henry (February 17, 1938 Detroit-) a.k.a. Martha Buhs or Martha Henry, CC is a Canadian actor. She has one child, Emma Rain.

Martha Henry began her acting career in 1960, joining the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario, Canada. She later became a founding member of the Canadian Repertory Theatre in Ottawa. Throughout her career, Henry has performed in numerous Shakespearean plays, as well as modern plays, and has won critical acclaim for her performances. In addition to her acting work, Henry has directed several plays and has also taught acting at various colleges and universities. In 1981, she was made a Member of the Order of Canada and was promoted to Companion in 1990. In 2017, she was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards.

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Teresa Stratas

Teresa Stratas (May 26, 1938 Toronto-) also known as Stratas, Teresa, Anastasia Stratakis or Anastasia Strataki is a Canadian singer and actor.

Teresa Stratas is considered one of the greatest opera singers of her time, renowned for her powerful soprano voice and dramatic performances. She made her debut at the Royal Opera House in London at the age of 23, and went on to perform at prestigious venues including the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Salzburg Festival, and La Scala in Milan. Stratas also appeared in several films, including "The Little Prince" and "Il trovatore," and received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Frosch in the Metropolitan Opera's production of "Die Fledermaus." She was awarded numerous honors throughout her career, including the Order of Canada and the Governor General's Performing Arts Award. Stratas retired from the stage in 1999, but her legacy lives on through her recordings and performances preserved on film.

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Huguette Tourangeau

Huguette Tourangeau (August 12, 1938 Canada-) also known as Tourangeau, Huguette is a Canadian actor and opera singer.

Tourangeau had a successful career in both North America and Europe in the 1960s and 70s, performing with renowned opera companies such as the Metropolitan Opera and the Paris Opera. She was known for her mezzo-soprano voice and her versatile performances in a wide range of operas, from classical works to modern productions. Tourangeau has also made numerous recordings and performed in concerts all over the world. In addition to her successful singing career, she has occasionally acted in films and television shows. After retiring from performing in the 1980s, Tourangeau became a voice teacher and has continued to pass on her knowledge and skills to the next generation of singers.

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Vera Frenkel

Vera Frenkel (November 10, 1938 Bratislava-) is a Canadian artist, multimedia artist, visual artist and actor.

She is best known for her pioneering work in video installation art and for her use of technology in exploring themes of memory, identity, displacement, and the relationship between viewer and artwork. Frenkel's works have been exhibited widely in major museums and galleries around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. In addition to her work as an artist, Frenkel has also worked as a curator and was a founding member of the Canadian artist-run gallery A Space. She has received numerous awards and honors for her contributions to contemporary art, including the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts in 2013.

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