Canadian actresses who deceased at age 51

Here are 2 famous actresses from Canada died at 51:

Lorena Gale

Lorena Gale (May 9, 1958 Montreal-June 21, 2009 Vancouver) also known as Loreena Gale, Lorena Gayle or Lorineda Gayle was a Canadian actor, playwright and theatre director.

She died caused by cancer.

Lorena Gale was born in Montreal, Quebec and raised in Toronto. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in psychology before pursuing a career in theatre. She began acting in the 1980s and became a respected presence in theatre, film, and television in Canada and the United States. She was known for her powerful performances and her commitment to bringing diverse stories to the stage and screen.

Gale was also a successful playwright and wrote several plays that addressed important social issues such as racism, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. Her best-known work, "Angry Indian Goddesses," was adapted into a critically acclaimed Indian film in 2015.

In addition to her acting and writing, Gale was also a passionate advocate for social justice and community activism. She worked with a number of organizations and causes throughout her life, including the Vancouver-based group Women Against Violence Against Women and the Canadian branch of Amnesty International.

Gale continued to work in theatre, film, and television throughout her battle with cancer, and her legacy continues to inspire actors, writers, and activists today.

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Nicolette Goulet

Nicolette Goulet (June 5, 1956 Toronto-April 17, 2008 Las Vegas) also known as Nikki was a Canadian actor. She had two children, Jordan-Gerard Fowlar and Solange-Louise Fowlar.

She died caused by breast cancer.

Nicolette Goulet started her career in the entertainment industry as a child actor and went on to perform in numerous movies, television series, and stage productions. She also worked as a producer and director, and her credits include the play "Men In Suits" and the television series "Lawless". Goulet was a talented singer as well and often performed with her father, the legendary singer and actor Robert Goulet. In addition to her accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Goulet was active in raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research. She founded the organization "Women in Showbiz Fighting Breast Cancer" and organized several benefit concerts to support the cause. Goulet's legacy lives on through her children and her many contributions to the world of entertainment and charity work.

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