Canadian actresses who deceased in 1978

Here are 1 famous actresses from Canada died in 1978:

Claire Adams

Claire Adams (September 24, 1898 Winnipeg-September 25, 1978 Melbourne) a.k.a. Clare Adams, Peggy Adams or Clara Adams was a Canadian actor.

She began her acting career on stage and eventually transitioned to silent films in the 1910s. Adams became a popular leading lady during the silent era and worked with notable filmmakers such as Cecil B. DeMille and D.W. Griffith. She starred alongside Rudolph Valentino in two films, "The Sheik" (1921) and "The Young Rajah" (1922).

Adams continued to act in films well into the sound era but eventually retired from the industry in the 1930s. After her retirement, she moved to Australia with her husband and occasionally made guest appearances on television shows. In addition to her acting career, Adams was also an accomplished author and wrote several novels, including "The House of the Arrow" (1924) and "Whispering Sands" (1929). She passed away in Melbourne at the age of 80.

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