Canadian actresses who died due to Cerebral hemorrhage

Here are 1 famous actresses from Canada died in Cerebral hemorrhage:

Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford (April 8, 1892 Toronto-May 29, 1979 Santa Monica) also known as Gladys Louise Smith, Gladys Marie Smith, Little Mary, "The Girl with the Golden Hair", America's Sweetheart, Baby Gladys, "The Glad Girl", Gladys Smith, Baby Gladys Smith, Dorothy Nicholson, Gladys Nicholson, The girl with the curls, The World's Sweetheart, Pickford or Gladys Moore was a Canadian actor, film producer, writer and screenwriter. She had two children, Ronald Charles Rogers and Roxanne Rogers.

At the height of her career, Mary Pickford was one of the most popular actresses in the world and a pioneer in the film industry. She was a co-founder of the film studio United Artists and was one of the founding members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Pickford appeared in over 200 films throughout her career and was known for her iconic curly hair, which became a trademark of her on-screen persona. She was the first actress to receive a Best Actress Oscar for her role in the film "Coquette" in 1929. Pickford was also a philanthropist, and together with her husband Douglas Fairbanks, she helped establish the Motion Picture Relief Fund, which provided assistance to those in the film industry who were in need.

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