Canadian actresses who died due to Reckless driving

Here are 1 famous actresses from Canada died in Reckless driving:

Marjorie White

Marjorie White (July 22, 1904 Winnipeg-August 21, 1935 Hollywood) also known as Marjorie Ann Guthrie was a Canadian actor.

At the age of 16, Marjorie left Canada for Hollywood in pursuit of an acting career. She quickly gained popularity as a comedic supporting player in numerous films, often playing the role of the witty friend or sidekick. Some of her notable films include "The Show of Shows" (1929), "The Love Parade" (1929), and "Hold Everything" (1930). In addition to acting in films, Marjorie also worked on stage productions and performed in vaudeville.

Despite her success, Marjorie's career was cut short when she passed away from a heart condition at the young age of 31. She was married to actor Charles Ruggles at the time of her death.

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